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Documenting Sources in MLA Style

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Ashlee Rainey

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of Documenting Sources in MLA Style

Elements of MLA Documentation
Citing a Source in your Paper
-The author's last name and page number are inside parentheses after the sentence.
For Example: (Mead 45)
Elements of MLA Documentation

Citing an Entire Source

-What if the source is without page numbers?
Then, like before, REFER BACK TO AUTHOR. In your paper, state the name of the director, author, etc. when referencing their work.
Site in Alphabetical order by author's last name or by article's name if there isn't a author stated.
Works Cited: Books
Three Main Elements
1. Author's Last Name
Last name, first name
2. Title of Book
Exact title
Separate title and subtitle with a semicolon
Italicize title; then put a period
3. Publication Information
Give the place of publication (a city normally)
Name of publisher
Date of most recent publication
Give the medium, or in other words PRINT.
Documenting Sources in MLA Style
MLA Works-Cited List: Books
MLA Work-Cited List: Books
MLA Works-Cited List: Books
Usint the information from a specific part of a book(introduction, foreword, preface, or afterword): Put the specific part being cited after the author's name.

Books with an editor: Add the number of the edition after the title by putting "Ed." before the editor's name.

Book with a translator: "Trans. name of translator." after the title of the book

Second or subsequentedition of a book: put the edition number after the title. Put the number then "ed."

EX. Hawthorn, Jeremy, ed.
A Consise Glossary of Contemporary Literary Theory
. 3rd ed. London:Arnold, 2001. Print.

Multivolume work: Cite the volume used after the title by putting, for example "Vol. 1." After the year it was published put the total number of volumes, for example "2 vols."

EX. Samuel, Raphael.
Theatres of Memory.
Vol. 1. London: Verso, 1999. 2 vols. Print.
Library database sources: Citing a library database

Step 1: Give the authors name (last, first).
Step 2: Name of the title (Remember to italicize).
Step 3: Name of web pg. and date it was published.
Step 4: Date of access (military style: day, Month, and year)

Ex. Smider, Michael. “Wired to Another World.” Maclean’s Mar. 2003: 23-24. Academic Search Premier. Web. 14 Jan. 2007.

Online sources: Web publications
MLA NO longer requires URLs of web sources.
Why? – URLs change frequently and because documents sometimes appear in multiple places on the Web

Publication by a known author
Like library database you need you need the same format. Author last name, first name. Title. Web page name and published date. Date of access

Ex. Boerner, Steve. “Leopold Mozart.” The Mozart project: biography. The Mozart project, 21 mar. 1998. Web Oct 2008

Article in a scholarly journal on the web
Author, title, name of journal in italics, volume and issue number, and year of publication
If journal has no pg. numbers use n. pag. in place
Ex. Fleckenstein, Kristie. “Who’s writing? Aristotelian ethos and the author position in digital poetics.” Karios 11.3 (2007): N. pag. Web. 6 Apr. 2008
Article in a newspaper on the web
The 1st date is the date of publication then date of access.
Ex. Brown, Patricia. “Australia in Sonoma.” New York Times. New York times, 5 July 2008. Web 3 Aug. 2009
Article in a magazine on the web:
Ex. Brown, Patricia. “The wild horse” Newsweek. Newsweek. 1 July 2008. Web. 12 Dec. 2008

MLA Work Cited list: Periodicals
Journal article
• 1 author- you would put the authors name first, tittle of their work, year and page number. Ex. Miller, author. “the crucible” notes (2004): 12-13
• 2 or 3 authors- all names go first then the title of work, page number and year 4 or more authors- “et. al”, meaning others, but first write the names followed by tittle of work.

Pagination in journals
• Scholarly journal-list volume and issue number after the name of the journal. Ex. Duncan, mike. “Whatever happened to the paragraph?” college English 69.5 (2007):470-95. If the article only uses issue #, list the # after the name of the journal. Ex. McCall, Sophie. “Double vision reading” Canadian literature 194.

• Monthly or seasonal- use the month or season and year in place of volume. Abbreviate months except May, June, and July.
-Ex. Barlow, john Perry. “Africa rising: everything you know about Africa is wrong.” Wired jan.1198:142-58.
• Weekly or biweekly magazines- give day and month of publication
- Brody, Richard. “A clash of symbols.” New Yorker 25 June 2007:16
• Last name first, then first name
• 2 or 3 authors- first author name goes first, in order above second author name goes (first to last) - if the author name is not given, begin with tittle.
Review, editorial, and letter to editor
• If there is no title, just name the work reviewed
-ex: Milton, Donny “essay”. Editorial. Mexico City 27 march 2014.

MLA In-Text Citations
Author named in text: According to McDonald...(3)
Author not named in text: (McDonald 3)
Work by a single author: (McDonald 3)
Work by two or three authors: (McDonald, Hopkins, Mead 3)
Work by four or more authors: (McDonald et al. 4)
Work by unnamed author: (Use the first word from the title and pg. #)
Work by group or organization: Treat the group or organization as if it were an author and try to identify the name in text. According to McDonald Inc...(3)
Quotations longer than four lines: Place the period before the parentheses: People like to own things they think are valuable...The high price of limited editions is part of their appeal: it implies that they are and exclusive, and that only a certain class of people will be able to afford them. (3)
MLA In-Text Citations cont.
Two or more works by the same author: Choose the work that you will be citing and use the author's last name and a shortened title of each source. (
McDonald, Night
3) *Night is the name of the book*
Different authors with the same last name: Put their first initial first (N. McDonald 3)
Two or more sources with the same sentence: Place each citation directly after the statement it supports. In the 1970's Vietnam was defeated in the war(McDonald 3) many families were forced to immigrate and were faced with many adversities (Mead 4).
Two or more sources within the same citation: (McDonald 3; Mead 4)

Lastname, Firstname.
Title of Book
. City of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication. Medium of Publication.

EX. Doctorow, E.L.
The March.
New York: Random, 2005. Print.
-If the sentence refers back to the author,
then the parenthetical citation is not needed.
For Example: Dr. Luke states, "..." This tells
the reader that Dr. Luke is the author,
therefore correctly referencing the work.
There are FOUR main types of work-cited lists
periodicals (journals, newspapers, magazines)
Online Library Databases
Other Online Sources (web sites, discussion forums, blogs, online newspapers, online magazines, online government documents, and email messages)
EXAMPLE: Poster, Mark.
Information Please:Culture and Politics in the Age of Digital Machines
. Durham:Duke UP, 2006. Print
For multiple authors you would put the authors' names with the first name then last name separating them with a ",and".

For an unknown author: Start with the title

Group or organization: Use the group as the author

Religious texts: Use the name of the religious book

Book with no publication date put [c. the approximate date] If no date put "no date"

Reprinted work: Insert the original publication date before the publication information, then use the reprinted date after where it was published.
If the source is longer than one page, provide the page number for each quotation, paraphrase, and summary.
MLA In-Text Citations (cont.)
Web sources including Web pages, blogs, podcasts, wikis, videos and other multimedia sources: Give the author in text; Nester McDonald uses his blog to...
Work in an anthology: Cite the name of the author of the work within an anthology in-text, not the name of the editor of the collection.
Work quoted in another source: When you do not have the original source of the materila you wish to use, put the abbreaviation qtd. in before the in formation about the indirect source (qtd. in McDonald 4)
Literary works: Give the page number from the edition that you are using, then a smicolon and other identifying information (333; pt , bk. 3, ch. 19).

Publication by group or organization
If the work has no author or editor’s name listed, begin with the title.
“State of Birds.” Audubon. National Audubon society, 2008. Web. 19 Aug. 2008.
Article in a magazine
Ex. Brown, Patricia Leigh. "The Wild Horse Is Us." Newsweek. Newsweek, 1 July 2008.Web. 12 Dec. 2008
Book on a web
Prebish, Charles s., and Kenneth K. Tanka. The faces of Buddhism in America.Berkely:U of california P,2003. eScholarship Edition.Web. 2 May 2009
Works Cited for Periodicals
Authors Last Name
"Title of Article"
Publication information
-Italicize Journal Title
-Volume Number
-Date of Publication
-Page numbers
-Medium or Print
MacDonald, Susan Peck. "The Erasure of Language." College COmposition and Communication 58 (2007): 585-625. Print
Works-Cited for Library Database Sources
Author's Last Name
"Title of Article"
Print Publication Information
Database Information
-italicize name of database
-medium of publication or Web
-Date accessed
Hede, Jesper. "Jews and Muslims in Dante's Vision." European Review 16.1 (2008): 101-14. Academic Search Premier. Web. 14 Apr. 2009.
For other Online Sources are as follows: Author's Name. "Title of Work."; or Title of Web Site. Publication Information.
MLA Works-Cited List: Other sources
McCoury, Del, perf. "1952 Vincent Black Lightning." By Richard Thompson. Del and the Boys. Ceili, 2001. CD.
Wanted. Dir. Timur Bekmambetov. Perf. James McAvoy Angelina Jolie, and Morgan Freeman. Universal, 2008. Film.
No COuntry for Old Men. Dir. Joel Coen and Ethan Coen. Perf. Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem, and Josh Brolin. Paramount, 2007. DVD.
Television or Radio Program
"Kaisha." The Sopranos. Perf. James Gandolfini, Lorraine Bracco, and Edie Falco. HBO. 4 June 2006. Television.
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