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The "Divine Comedy" Research Paper Outline Presentation

This is an outline for my research paper on the hero's journey as it relates to Dante's "Divine Comedy".

Joseph Kennon

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of The "Divine Comedy" Research Paper Outline Presentation

Dante's "Divine Comedy" Research Paper: Introduction I have decided to write a research paper on Dante Alighieri's "Divine Comedy" for my World Literature class because it's one of my favorite trilogies in literature and I've always wanted to read "Purgatory" and "Paradise". It will explore the hero's journey as it relates to the "Divine Comedy", and how this timeless classic continues to be read to this day. Part 3: Paradise Step 1: Read a summary of "Paradise" to get a better understanding of the main plot, and make notes about it.
Step 2: Explore the final leg of the hero's journey that takes him through Paradise and the eventual achievement of his goal: spiritual purification. Step 1: Restate my thesis that the "Divine Comedy" takes the hero's journey and puts a different spin on it-namely, that the quest for spiritual perfection takes precedence over achieving glory or fame.
Step 2: Conclude the paper by relating the topic to modern-day applications of the hero's journey. Part 4: Conclusion Part 1: The Inferno Step 1: Do research on "The Inferno" and use the PowerPoint I created for it as a source for some of my ideas.
Step 2: Explore the recurring themes, motifs, symbols, and deeper meaning behind the text.
Part 2: Purgatory Step 1: Read "Purgatory" and read a summary of the novel, making notes.
Step 2: Explore the main themes and symbolism during the climb up the mountain of Purgatory.
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