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Temperate Rainforest Biome

My project on Temperate Rainforest: The Biome

Rishi Nair

on 8 July 2013

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Transcript of Temperate Rainforest Biome

By Rishi Nair
Temperate Rainforest Biome Hotel and Restaurant
The Temperate Rainforest Inn
The Temperate Rainforest Hotel is a tree house village with 5-star food, drink and quality. Conveniently located next to the best restaurant, The Redwood Lodge. Each tree house contains running solar, wind and hydroelectric power, guaranteed to let watch TV and charge your laptop simultaneously. Of course, no one would want to check in and walk to their tree house, it would take you about 10 minutes. So, the people at Temperate Rainforest Inn use the tree house transport shuttle, running on rechargeable super lithium batteries charged on a solar powered station. We always serve a free Continental Breakfast, with milk, an egg, and tree bark cereal. We never cut down trees which have animals that use them as habitats to build our tree houses. I hope you enjoy your stay.
The Redwood Cabin serves only the best food items for our customers. This restaurant does not microwave old stuff. All products are made fresh, guaranteed. All of our food is top-notch including the Elk burger, made from the fresh elk hunted without pain for only $5.99 each. Worried about your kids? Order each meal kids size and half the price and take off 1/4 of the burger.We have a vast but simple menu. One of the entrees is the Mushroom soup with deer meat, also freshly farmed and hunted for only $6.99. We clean our products with none other than water to make it fresh as possible. But, there is always a favorite entrée in the restaurant, and here it is the Beetle Quesadilla. This quesdilla includes beetle, cheese from the cows in the USA, and mint leaves from the rainforests for only $10.48 for 5 quesadillas. But, what is a restaurant without the drinks? We have the healthiest sodas big time! We have all the sodas of the U.S.A, except we do not have any sugar in all of them. Get water, or juice from the fruits in the rainforest. Eat Up!
The Redwood Cabin
Of course, there is no fun in staying with us without activities to do here. So, the hard workers at the Hotel made a sightseeing trail and handy binoculars to look at the amazing birds like the songbird or the yellow breasted chat bird. You can also see animals like deer, racoons, squirrels, mice, and elk.
Finally, you could see trees like mosses, dogwoods, maple trees, shrubs, or redwoods. For the small kids, we have the best color code and free coloring type coloring sheets, all included with your stay. But that is not all, because it is not a fun place without this activity, the place is nothing without this, ZIP LINING! Also, the family classic, fishing. Low on money? You are in luck! The activities are all free. Take a hike! (Literally!)
Activities to do at the Hotel
The Yellow Breasted Chat.
The Songbird
Redwood Trees
The Elk Burger
The Beetle Quesadilla
Our Locations.
Well, there is no use reading all of this without knowing where it is! We are found in all locations of the world where there are Temperate Rainforests. We are located in Eastern Canada, Southern Chile, The western tips of Europe, The eastern US, Southern Australia, Southern China, and Japan.
Zip lining
Our Rates
Our rates are simple. We have a simple idea. For one tree hammock and one TV we have a deal for $300.00 per night. For two hammocks and one kitchen and 2 TVs, the rate only goes up to $350.00. Our guaranteed fun and prices together leave the Temperate Rainforest Inn the best hotel to stay in when needed. We always keep our rooms clean.
Climate of the Temperate Rainforest.
The climate of the Temperate Rainforest great for vacationing. We always receive rain, but only 200 cm. of it, compared to a regular rainforest, like the Amazon, which has 9 feet of rain per year!! Our temperatures are always between 32 degrees fahrenheit to 68 degrees fahrenheit. When it rains, our zip lines are covered with a roof type thing that keeps you from getting wet but gives you the most ultimate zip lining experience ever. This is also the case when it snows.
Symbiotic Relationship in the Temperate Rainforest.
One of the symbiotic relationships in the Temperate Rainforest is the leech and the mammal. The mammal walks through the water where the leeches are waiting calmly. The leeches stick on to the feet of them and then suck the blood from them. This is an example of Parasitic symbiotic relationship.
Elk Burger
Sources I used.
Animals that could not live in my biome.
An animal that cannot live here is the elephant because it could not walk across the rainforest because it would bump it's head against the tall trees and shrubs. Another animal that could not live here is the polar bear because it would overheat and eventually die.
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