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No description

Lozza H

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Ncis

Ncis Special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs : Mark Harmon

Special agent Tony DiNozzo : Michael Weatherly

Special agent Ziva David : Cote de pablo

Special agent Tim McGee : Sean Murray

Forensic specialist Abby Scuito : Pauley Perrette

Medical examiner Donald "ducky'' Mallard : David McCallum

Assistant Medical examiner Jimmy Palmer: Brian Dietzen

Director Leon Vance : Rocky Carroll Ncis cast About the characters Photos and videos Ncis stands for "Naval Criminal Investigative Service''. About Ncis Ncis is an american crime drama TV show. It is about a team of special agents who investigate crimes connected to the U.S. navy and marine corps. Ncis is a spin off from JAG. It first premiered on september 23, 2003 on CBS.
Donald Bellisario is co-creator, along with Don McGill. NCIS is set in the Washington, D.C. area but is filmed in Santa Clarita, California. They have done 10 seasons so far. Also they have done over 200 episodes. Special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs He was a sniper in the United States Marine Corps, achieving the rank of gunnery sergeant, until 1991 when his first wife Shannon and daughter Kelly were killed by a Mexican drug dealer. He has been married four times but is currently single. He is the boss and he is seen as a father figure to Abby. Special agent Tony DiNozzo After working on a case with Gibbs while he was a detective with Baltimore PD, he discovered his best friend and partner was a dirty cop and quit from the police and joined NCIS. He became senior field agent. DiNozzo is a movie expert and sometimes his expert knowledge can irritate his coworkers. His behavior even irritates the females he works with, although his behavior has been shown to change as the character developed. Special agent Ziva David. For her first four years in the show, she was a part of the NCIS team as a Mossad Liaison Officer. David replaced Special Agent Kate Todd, who was killed in season 2. Ziva is rescued from North Africa by Gibbs, DiNozzo, and McGee, where she had been held captive during a mission for Mossad. David eventually returned to the U.S. and resigned from Mossad, becoming a probationary NCIS agent Special agent Tim McGee He has a degree in computer forensics from MIT and a degree in Biomedical Engineering.
McGee was originally assigned to the Norfolk Naval Base, but became a permanent team member at the end of the season two opening episode, "See No Evil". McGee has many nicknames, most of them from DiNozzo. He is most often called probie, despite no longer being a probationary. Forensic specialist Abby Scuito She loves to always dress in Goth style. Wearing short skirts and platform boots. She has lots of tattoos like the spider web on her neck. She regularly gives and receives hugs. She is addicted to "Caf-Pow", a caffeine filled soda. She has a close friendship with McGee, and has been referred to as Gibbs' favorite. Medical examiner Donald "ducky'' Mallard Ducky and Gibbs are close friends. Ducky was educated at Eton College, and subsequently graduated from University of Edinburgh's Medical School.
He has a story about everything, and he's not afraid to tell them. Even when he's carving into a body. Ducky is very polite to the corpses as he can often be seen talking to them. He even calls them his "guests". Jimmy Palmer Jimmy replaced Gerald Jackson as Ducky's assistant after Jackson was shot in the shoulder.
He loves to listen to Ducky's stories and he shares Ducky's love of scientific detail. He gets on very very well with Abby so much so that he asks her to be his Best Man for his wedding. Palmer is eager to please those around him, but often makes mistakes. And his ability irritate those around him by making an awkward or insensitive comment at an inappropriate moment. Director Leon Vance Vance became Assistant Director of NCIS, and then later became director after Jennifer Shepard was killed. He is ambitious and likes power. He has a sharp quick mind and is a match for Gibbs. He knows how to play the game and how to manipulate people to do his bidding. His knowledge of computers rivals McGee's. Gibbs and DiNozzo Tiva!
(Tony and ziva) McAbby!
(McGee and Abby)
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