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Jesus Book presentation 2

Book presentation about The bully

Jesus Macias

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Jesus Book presentation 2

The Bully By:Paul Langan Characters Darrell Mercer Tyray(The Bully) Amberlynn Rodney Setting My house at Philidelphia My new apartment at California Bluford High The Streets Intruduction Hello im Darrell Mercer and i go to Bluford high but i have a problem and its that im just too skinny and small for mi age and size but thats not the only problem theres more.... Problem I met this student named Tyray and he was with on of his friends,Rodney,I thought they were going to be nice people.It turned out to be a disaster, he became my nighmare,my Bully. Problem Part 2 I soon get so tired that I join wrestling and the coach said it would help me get stronger and mentally and phisically and it sure worked.So I was ready to finish this. Solution My limit was reached I coulnt let Tyray bully me anymore so at lunch I did something I was finally proud of.During lunch he picked on me on purpose so he can imberass me so i carry him up and slam him down and i break his hand.I felt good when i did it I felt proud once it all ended it returned to a regular school. Recomendation I recommend this book to people who like reading about fights or threats in books.
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