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Native Chinese plants

Period 5/6 china presentation

kayla mosebrook

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Native Chinese plants

Native Chinese Plants Plum flowers Chrysanthemum Lotus flowers Fragrant and beautiful Were once the national flower Seen on the Chinese 50 cent coins edible roots bloom in summer seeds are edible and are also used as medicine. Symbolize strong life white and yellow are used at funerals Azalea Flowers Represents elegance and wealth found on 1 cent coins National Flower China does not really have one the Peony flower is the national favorite Chinese were the first to cultivate this plant Plants are very important to the chinese.
They already have days for certain plants like the
peony, but that would be a great thing for my theme.
If I would have to choose the day, I would make my day
around the lotus.
The Lotus symbolizes how people can start in not a great
situation, but can make something great out of it. kayla mosebrook
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