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Effective ESL Writing

No description

Sime Balyan

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Effective ESL Writing

Effective EFL Writing
Prezi by Sime´ Balyan

Why teach/learn writing?
To reinforce the grammar and the vocabulary learned in class
How to teach writing?
Types of Writing Activities
Ease the anxiety (free writings, content feedback, structured writings)
Have students write in context and for a reason (Raimes, 1983)
Consider students' interests
Include peer and group feedback
Reacting to a text or a stimulus (photos, maps, diagrams, a video)
Writing letters
Analyzing and synthesizing information
Reflections and Journals
Vocabulary-based dialogs
Reacting to a text or a stimulus (photos, maps, diagrams, a video)
Photo (Friesen, 2012)
it’s raining today
bright golden coins from the sky
we are millionaires
"When I sew the video about Emmanuel from Australia I was extremely

touched . The words cant describe my depress. It made me think about life

again. It made me think about wars, dreams, orphanages…

There are many people in the world who don’t have possibility live in the

peace, have happy childhood , and dream about wonderful life. Sometimes

they have to think only salvation…

But I waz so happy when I understand that Emmanuel hadn’t stopted

be dreamer. He dreamed about to be famous singer. Nothing stopped him

strive for the realization of his dream.

If you want something, you have a dream, don’t stop believe it , and do

anything to realize it. There is nothing impossible if you have faith.
To take risks, be adventurous with grammar
To know the peculiarities of written communication
e.g. "Write a composition telling why you would like a bicycle" vs
"You have entered a competition to win a new bicycle. Write convincing reasons why you must be the winner".
(extra tip:assign the role of the jury to some of the SS )
Examine the map
and make a tourist brochure of the best tourist attractions in Armenia.
Picture sets
Graphs and charts
Stimulus: Homework reading
Writing activity: Review of a book Form: Letter to a group-mate
Audience: A group mate
Vocabulary-based dialogs (Demo)
Target vocabulary:Food
-Hey, An, what are you eating?
- I am eating
steamed vegetables
-That’s just
a starter
, right?
-No, that’s my starter plus my
main course
plus my
-Ok, here’s what I had for my last
meal. Cereal
boiled rice
, then some
stew, sausage
, a little bit of

, some
aaand some
spicy prawns
. This was followed by
and other desserts of course!
-Oh no,I am
cutting down
on anything spicy, sweet or
and I eat only
- Oh, what do you live for? Food is a real
-No, food is just a
. Give me the
please, I finished eating.

Writing Instructions
Target grammar: Imperatives, prepositions
Procedure: Drawing
Adams, S. R. (n.d.). Success with ELLs.Confessions of a guilty teacher. English Journal, 98(3). Retrieved from http://www.nwp.org/cs/public/download/nwp_file/13981/success_with_ells.pdf?x-r=pcfile_d
Baitinger, K. (2005). Engaging Adult Learners in the Writing/ESL Classroom. College Quarterly, 8(1). Retrieved from https://www.google.com/#q=Engaging+Adult+Learners+in+the+Writing%2FESL+Classroom
ERIC Development Team (1997). ED409746 1997-06-00 Improving ESL Learners' Writing Skills. ERIC Digest. Retrieved from http://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED409746.pdf
Friesen, H. L. (2005). Photography and Writing: Alternative Ways of Learning for ESL Students. Retrieved from http://www.ncte.org/library/NCTEFiles/Resources/Journals/TETYC/0401-sep2012/TETYC0401Photography.pdf
Raimes, A. (1983). Techniques in teaching writing. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.
1) What writing activities do you use? Does it belong to the categories above?

2) What kind of feedback do you give to student's writings?

3) How do you overcome student anxiety towards writing?
4) Which of the activities would you like to try? Why?
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