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Introduction to Poetry

No description

Aubrey Schwalm

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of Introduction to Poetry

Introduction to Poetry
5.3 Stanzas
Groups of lines in a poem (paragraph of poetry)
5.1 Poetry
Work which expresses feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm.
5.2 Form
The structure of the writing. All poems are broken up into lines. The length of each line and where it breaks, or ends, contribute to the poem's meaning and sound.
Poetry Bingo
The voice, or speaker, is sometimes a fictional character rather than the poet.
5.4 Speaker
The pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in each line. A regular pattern of rhythm is called a meter.
5.5 Rhythm
The repetition of sounds at the ends of words, as in sun and one.
5.6 Rhyme
The pattern that the end-rhyme words follow. To identify rhyme scheme, assign a letter to each sound.
5.61 Rhyme Scheme
Rhyme Scheme
Identifying Rhyme Scheme
How do we figure rhyme scheme out?
We figure rhyme scheme out by assigning letters of the alphabet to sets of rhyming lines.
One thing you can do to help you identify a rhyme scheme is to ask yourself do the lines I'm reading rhyme.
A Pelican
A pelican uses its steam-shovel bill
To gather more fish than can possibly fill
Its pelican belly.
It's not out of greed..
That bill is a trough where young pelicans feed.
For example:

Way down South where bananas grow,
A grasshopper stepped on an elephant's toe
The elephant said, with tears in his eyes,
"Pick on somebody your own size!"
Identifying Rhyme Scheme
A comparison of two things using the word like or as
5.7 Simile
A comparison of two things that does not include the word like or as.
5.8 Metaphor
Metaphor Example #1
Metaphor Example #2
Metaphor Example #4
Metaphor Example #3
Creating a Metaphor
What words are used to create a metaphor?
Words such as
is, are, was,
are used to create a metaphor.
When his football team lost, George
a big baby.
a chicken; she won't go bungee jumping with us.
High school
one big roller coaster ride.
simply a puppet on a string when it comes to making his own decisions.
A metaphor that extends over several lines, stanzas, or an entire poem.
5.9 Extended Metaphor
5.10 Free Verse
It is often said that to write poetry, you first have to learn the rules--then you can break them. Free verse is poetry that "breaks the rules" because it does not contain regular pattern of rhythm or rhyme.
5.11 Personification
A description of an object, animal, or idea as if it has human qualities and emotions.
5.12 Recurring Theme
The same message is found in different works.
5.13 Repetition
The use of a word, phrase, line or sound more than once.
5.14 Alliteration
The repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words.
5.15 Assonance
The repetition of vowel sounds in words that don't end with the same consonant.
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