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Pyramids and the Sphinx

There are many wonders of the world such as the Pyramids as well as the Sphinx in Egypt!

Jonathan C

on 6 June 2015

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Transcript of Pyramids and the Sphinx

Wonders of the World: Pyramids and Sphinx, Egypt!
Brief Description
The Egyptian pyramids and sphinxes are both ancient Egyptian creations made a very long time ago
Both are made of the same main components
The pyramids and sphinxes are both found in Egypt, Africa
Construction of the pyramids and the sphinxes
The pyramids and sphinxes were both built by the ancient Egyptians
Pyramids were built around 2650-2150 B.C
Sphinxes were built about 4500 years ago or 2488 B.C
By Jonathan Chen
Purposes of pyramids and sphinxes
Physical Description
Pyramid physical description:
What were the challenges to building it?
How did the builders and engineers overcome those challenges?
Were any new or interesting techniques used to build it?
Very primitive people
No machinery or advanced tools
Stones used in pyramids and sphinxes weighed 2.5 tons each
Not all the supplies and materials (like the stones) were nearby
Pyramids are very tall so it would've been difficult to stack the heavy limestone
The challenges were overcome by the builders and engineers by:
Some interesting or new techniques or materials used to build the pyramids and sphinxes were...
Condition of the pyramids and sphinxes
Condition of pyramids and sphinxes is decent, but still some major parts are gone due to human interference and erosion
One example of the damage done to the pyramids or sphinxes is the Great Pyramid was originally 481 ft. tall, but now it is only 450 ft. tall.
How would I get there and what would I do once I did get there?
Other Interesting Facts
Pyramids can mostly be located in Egypt, Africa, but can also be found in some other places like Central America, South America, and Turkey, Europe.
The Great Sphinx is said to be a portrait of Pharaoh Khafre.
The Great Pyramid was built by Pharaoh Khufu, Pharaoh Khafre's father
What makes the pyramids and sphinxes a "good" wonder of the world?
1. Pyramids and sphinxes are still standing(mostly).
2. Pyramids are said to contain the riches of the certain pharaoh that they were built for so some treasure will probably still be remaining.
3. The pyramids and sphinxes were very big, but they were not built with any technology or advanced tools.
4. The Great Pyramid was the world's tallest building for over 4,000 years.
The challenges to building the pyramids and sphinxes were:
Breaking the limestone blocks with copper chisels and saws
Making ramps to more efficiently stack the heavy limestone blocks
Making sleds and boats and then placing the stones on them to slide them up the wooden or stone ramps easily
The Egyptians built ramps to make the Pyramids tall
They put casing stones on the pyramids to give them smooth, steep, slides
They used boats and sleds to transport stones easier
Purpose of the pyramids
Provided a place to securely and safely store the bodies of dead Egyptian royalty and their riches
Purpose of the sphinxes:
Honored pharaoh's and their families
"Protected" pyramids
Relating to Egyptian culture
Varies in size, texture, and dimension
Great Pyramid (most famous pyramid) was 481 ft. tall, weighed 5 million tons, and its base measures out to be 13 acres wide
Mainly looked like huge square pyramids
Sphinx physical description:
Relating to Egyptian culture
Varies in size, texture, and dimension
Great Sphinx (most famous sphinx) was 240 ft. long, 66 ft. high, and the width of its face was 13 ft. and 8 inches.
Basically looked like large lions with heads of
I would get to my "wonder of the world" by traveling with a plane
Once there, I would visit all the pyramids and sphinxes so I could see how big they really are and I also would like to explore the insides of the pyramids to see what remains in them
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