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Benefits of Videos in the Classroom

By Diane Daschofsky

Sally Jones

on 25 January 2015

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Transcript of Benefits of Videos in the Classroom

Benefits of using Educational Video in the Classroom
Subtitling is a great learning style, students are able to visual see and hear what is going on, and they are able to read along with the narrator. Both are great factors in having the longest range for preferred learning styles
Zane Education
Over 1,000 video teaching 260 curriculum-aligned topics. Average video is 12 minutes in length, they also have online quizzes and a study support service, along with interactive video study tools that help both teacher and students to explore topics.
Zane Education. (2015). Benefits of using educational videos in the classroom. Retrieved from


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The most effective way to use video in the classroom is in the form of enhancement. Video should be used along with instruction. Learning objectives should be determined in advanced.
The Future
video in the classroom
videos breathe life into a lesson
Videos Create an Experience
The benefits of using videos in the classroom is the video can bring a sense of life into the classroom. This allows students to hear and see events which otherwise the student might not ever experience.
This method makes a stronger imprint onto the minds of the students.
Visual Learners
Research states that 40% of students are visual learners.
Students can struggle with the learning style of some teachers. There needs to be an balance between verbal and visual techniques.
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