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Paris Fashion Week

No description

dannisa azzahra

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of Paris Fashion Week

65.8 million
Research & Understand
Anti Trust Law
Prohibits anti competitive behaviour
Design to encourage competition in the market place & prevent market failure
Base on the economic regulation in the fashion retail industry
City & Country
Environment & Technology
Social & Culture
North African
Roman Catholic
Creates an image;
Social & Culture
February 25 - March 5 2014
September 23 - October 1 2014
s Fashion Week
Attracts 44 million tourists each year
Hotel occupancy reaches 82.9%
(during fashion week)
Average cost per editor:
Flight: $6,000 business class
Hotel: $9,000 a room/8 nights
Transportation: $1,200/8 days
Food & Drinks: $2,500/week
Chambermaids Protest
January 19 - 24 2014
July 6 - 7 2014
Haute Couture Shows
Bilateral Ties With The World
Monaco - Dates back since 1861
Thailand - 327 years of good relations
United Kingdom
The benefits of ethnic & religious diversity creates a multi-cultural rich city.
Government has given cash and other incentives to promote new small factories in suburbs
The official government body that oversees Paris Fashion Week and decides who is listed on the calendar
Fédération Française de la Couture
support the upstart designers from New York with a mutual agreement
Fashion collaborates with technology eg. 3D printing
Exotic skin bag only made in Asnivres in Paris
Factories in suburbs of Paris
Traditional leather craftmanship since 1854
Woman in Politics Who Attends Fashion Week
Valerie Trierweiler
Julie Gayet
Carla Bruni Sarkozy
Bernadette Chirac
Political people supports Paris Fashion Week
Iconic symbol for the nation
Hotel chambermaids strike a protest over low wages and working conditions
Coincided with the start of Paris Fashion Week
Positive reaction from hotel guests
Feminist protestors invaded Paris Fashion Week 2013
Bare-breasted feminists from Ukrainian group FEMEN invaded Nina Ricci show
attracted more press & created headlines
Raised awareness on freedom for women
Greenpeace protest during Paris Fashion Week
Greenpeace protest at the entrance of Chanel show A/W 2013
Challenged the fashion house to achieve zero deforestation and zero discharge of hazardous chemicals
MADE; Emerging Young Designers in Paris
MADE’s mission
exposes editors and buyers to a new breed of talent
CNN Paris Fashion Week Special Program
A 30 minutes broadcast dedicated to Paris Fashion week
Paris is the most significant fashion week
Fashion Public Relations in Paris
Organize the press and key viewers for fashion shows
eg. KCD
Fig.1 Dries Van Noten (2014)
Fig. 2 Globe (2013)
Fig. 3 Paris city lights (2013)
Fig. 4 Animated French Flag (2013)
Fig. 5 New Year's Eve Paris (2013)
Fig. 6 Multiculturalism (2013)
Source: World Population Statictics (2013)
Source: World Population Statictics (2013)
Source: World Population Statictics (2013)
Fig. 8 Runway Chanel Haute Couture (2013)
Source: Paris Fashion Week (2014)
Fig. 9 Fall/WInter 2011/2012 Haute Couture|Paris (2012)
Source: Mode a Paris (2014)
Fig. 7 Paris Fashion
"The real heavyweight of fashion industry, commercially and creatively, they come together in Paris, and that's where it's really at" - Imran Amed, CNN
Source: Easey, M (2009)
Fig. 24 Tour Phare Paris (2009)
Fig. 25 Gross Domestic Product In France (2014)
Source: Fartade
Fig. 11 French Parliament (2013)
Fig. 12-15 (see appendix)
Source: Pattaya Mail (2012)
Source: Encyclopedia
Source: Gofen, E (2013) Pg.39
Source: UCLA (2013)
Religions and Ethnicity
Creates diversity of culture
Connects different cultures from around the world
Fig. 10 Posner, H (2011)
Fig. 16-19 (see appendix)
Fig. 20 Adams, R (2012)
Fig. 21 REX (2014)
Fig. 22 AFP (2014)
Fig. 23 Dufour, M (2009)
Fig. 26 Fashion Technology (2012)
Fig. 27 Cafe de Flore (2012)
Fig. 28 KCD Logo (2012)
Fig. 29 KCD, Spring Form Strategic Partnership (2012)
Source: CNN
Fig. 30 Made Fashion Week (2013)
Fig. 32 Greenpeace Challenged Chanel to Set The Trend (2013)
Fig. 32 - 35 (see appendix)
Source: Artinian, P (2013)
City & Country
Fig. 37 Take A Break Berry (2012)
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