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Formatting Tables

No description

Patti Griffin

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of Formatting Tables

Formatting Tables
What is a Table?
A table is a grid of rows and columns used to display and organize information.
Parts of a Table
Creating a Table
Tables are created by knowing the number or rows and columns that are needed to enter information.

: show the
(left to right) arrangement
: show the
(up and down) arrangement
: are the boxes that are formed where a row and column meet.
: are the borders of a cell/table.
and a sneak peak at Spreadsheet
Main Title:
bold, centered,
all caps
Secondary Title:
bold, centered,
initial caps
Column Headings:
bold, centered, initial caps
Body: left align or center text entries. Right align number entries.
Source (where the information comes from):
left aligned.

Inserting a Table between text:
Double space above & below the table.
If the Table is the only object on the page:
Center vertically & horizontally on the page.
To do this in a Google Document, you have to press Enter to take the table down on the page and view in Print Preview to see if it is centered.
Formatting Points to Remember About Tables
Main title: Bigger & Bolder! 14 pt., bold, centered, all caps (unless it is inserted in a report, then 12 pt., bold, centered.
Double space after Main Title
Secondary title: 12 pt., bold, initial caps
Double space after Secondary Title
Center, bold, and initial caps the Column Headings (same size as entries).
Entries (body of the table) are single spaced and should be the 12 pt if inserted in a report or can be bigger if only item on a page (example, Price List).
Text (word) entries should be left aligned or centered.
Number entries (including prices with $) should be right aligned.
What is a Spreadsheet?
is a program (in Google or Microsoft Excel) that has an infinite number of cells; whereas a table, you choose the number of cells. Also, in a
, you can create formulas and do advanced formatting.
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