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The top five of the most popular freelance careers.

An analysis of FlexJob’s comprehensive database of job listings revealed the 10 careers that feature the most and best-paying freelance openings in 2013. This is the top five most popular freelance careers.

Nivana Gairhan

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of The top five of the most popular freelance careers.

The Top 5 Most Popular
Freelance Careers

Responsible for creating customer experience strategies for brands, researching and critiquing insights
and managing client relationships.

Responsible for managing products, tracking budgets and updating products
on the website. May oversee campaigns
and online content production.

Responsible for writing and proofreading.
Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Manager

Project Manager
Estimated Earnings:
$46 to $52 an hour
Web Development
Create online tools for websites.

Create and test software systems
and implement existing applications
into the software platform.

Manage sites and servers, provide technical support, and improve architecture and applications.
Junior Developer

Application Developer

Web Content Developer
Estimated Earnings:
$36 to $43 an hour
Provide financial account reconciliation and assist with year-end audits and tax returns.

Provide billing and inventory management, perform AR/AP audits and reconcile
bank journals.

Perform routine bookkeeping tasks, and monthly reconciliation of bank statements and Quickbooks.

Assist with account reconciliation and financial reporting.
Accounting Clerk

Property Accountant


Estimated Earnings:
$16 to $30 an hour
Teaching and Tutoring
Teach online classes to students of various grade levels. Write engaging lessons-including lectures, activities, and assignments for middle/high school students.

Write teacher certification test prep content for online publication and create learning guides. Develop and create comprehensive course “blueprints.”

Consult with subject matter experts, write scenarios, create text for audio, and write scripts for trainings.
Subject Teacher

Instructional Designer

Education Coordinator

Consulting Teacher
Estimated Earnings:
$20 to $28 an hour
Graphic Design
Design applications, games, websites and campaigns, and marketing ideas.

Create customer experience
strategies for brands.

Create and design graphics, applications, emails and websites.

Select and edit photographs
for online use and create graphics
to complement selected content.
Digital Designer

Visual Designer
Estimated Earnings:
$21 an hour
Freelancing jobs
can be an
excellent opportunity
for flexible schedules
and supplemental

Sources @11/2013


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