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Copy of My

No description

Martina Kaltenbacher

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of Copy of My


a Leibniz Atelier
class 7project

Jay Scott
Mary Walton
Sam Walton

by Lilli and Josephine
the Clearwaters
(Sue, Billy, Andrew, Lou, Max, Bob, Maureen)
by Mia
Who are they?
Jeremy Smith
Joe Brandon
Lee Clancy
Isaak Emre Murat
the Fosters
Ryan Lee
Claire Lee
Katie Lee
Jay is 23 years old and
his girlfriend Mary is 21,
she is pregnant.
Her best friend Claire is
22 years old.
She has a son named Sam, aged 3, with Ryan, 23 years old.

- stroller
- cot
- changing table
- highchair
- chest of drawers
- teddybear wallpaper
- potty
- baby clothes
- stuffed animals
- toys
- bib
- dishes for babies
- diapers
- child seat
- phial
- mobile
-sleeping bag

Jay and Mark make a weekend ...
So Mary and Claire go shopping and
the men paper the baby room.
Sam is with his nanny May, she helps
Claire in the household. When Mary has
her baby, May will help her too.

A dialog between Mary and Claire
on their shopping tour:

Mary: What is important in a stroller?
Claire: It should be soft and safe.
Mary: Okay, thanks. Should we buy
the pink or the blue one?
Claire: Ohh, I like the pink one.
Mary: That's right, buy this one.
Claire: What else do we need?
Mary: A chest of drawers, bib, babyphone……

A dialog between Jay and Ryan, during their paper action:

Ryan: Uff, this is very hard work!
Jay: Yes, but it's for my baby. Would you like a drink?
Ryan: Yes, an orange juice, please.
Jay: Okay, wait a minute.
Jay: Is ist hard to be a daddy?
Ryan: Sometimes, but you have a good feeling,
when you go outside with your son and he laughs.


Sam’s perspective:
Daddy took me to kindergarten and
I cried when daddy left. In kindergarten,
I drew a picture of my new family with Katie.
After that, I played with my friends and went
outside with my group. In the afternoon
daddy picked me up. At home, there were
many people, mummy said to me: ''It's a baby
party for Katie'' and gave me a kiss. My nanny
and I went to my room and played with lego.
After the baby party, we ate spaghetti with
tomato sauce. Then I had to clean my teeth
and go to bed. Mummy read a good night
story for me. And I sleeeeep.


Mary's diary:
Jay and I went to the doctor for a ''check-up'' of Katie. She is okay and very big. Then we went home to Claire and Ryan. We went to the kindergarten and picked up Sam. ''Let’s go to the zoo'', Sam begged. We went to the zoo and Sam was excited to see an elephant. Afterwards, we had ice-cream. In the evening, we went to an Italian Restaurant. Ryan had pizza funghi and Jay ate pizza tonno. Claire and Sam share a salad and chips. I had minestrone. It was very yummy.
Good night diary........


Jay’s perspective:
Today was a wellness-day for Mary and me. We wanted to go swimming.
In the morning, I made Mary breakfast and we ate. We had a fried egg in
the shape of a heart, toast and a fresh orange juice. Then we went to the
pool on the roof. It was a wonderful day, we could look at the skyline of London.
But we had a little fight:
Mary: ''We need a new car!''
Jay: ''No, we have a car.''
Mary: ''But if Katie is here, we will need a bigger car.''
Jay: ''Our car is big enough!''
Mary: ''But it isn't a family-car.''
I left.....
Mary: ''Jay come back!!!''
I heard Mary cry and I went back....
Jay: ''It's okay, we’ll buy a new car.''
Mary: ''Thanks, I love you''
Jay: ''I love you too'' and give her a kiss....

Ryan’s perspective
Good morning... I took Sam to kindergarten and then I went to my work.
I worked, worked and worked until Jay called me:

I: ''Hey Jay''
Jay: ''I want to tell you that Mary is in hospital''
I: ''Oh, I pick up Sam and we’ll come to the hospital right away.''
Jay: ''Fine, can you call Claire and tell her the news?''
I: ''Of course...''
Jay: ''See you soon, bye''
I: ''Bye bye''
Then I called Claire:
I: ''Hello darling''
Claire: ''Sweetheart what's going on?''
I: ''A minute ago Jay called me and said, Mary is in hospital''
Claire: ''Oh no! Can you pick up Sam? I go to the hospital right away.''
I: '' Of course, I'm already on the way''
Claire: ''You're an angel''
I: ''I know''
Claire: ''Love you, bye''
I: ''Love you too, ciao''
I went to the kindergarten and pickd up Sam. He was very excited to get a 'sister'.
On the way to the hospital, he jumped happily beside me. We all stayed at the hospital, Sam said there will be a big slumber party.


Claire’s diary
It was a hard night because at 2.51 AM Mary had her baby.
Katie is soooo cute. Sam was very, very excited and jumped around all the time. It reminded me of the birth of Sam. We all didn’t have much sleep and Mary and Jay are very happy that Katie is here now. Now Ryan will take us home.

15 years later

15 years later Sam and Katie are together. They have a lot of friends and have a lot of fun. Their parents are still best friends.
The end...

Last night a party of some students in
116 Cardvil Road escalated.
The students made a
graduation party.
The party escalated, because one student, Jeremy Smith, called his flatmate Isaak’s girlfriend „darling“.
Isaak got very jealous.
Isaak started to push Jeremy
and they got into a fight.
The police had to come and
stop the fighting. The neighbours reported it was
very noisy with a lot of screaming going on.
More on this story tomorrow…

Party escalated!
photo of Isaak Murat
by Damian and Nikolai
Jason Gray
by Lucia
Jason Gray is 29 and he loves to draw and to be creative. Consequently he dropped out of the school and wanted to study arts but his family felt that he had to finish school first. He hates his parents, because they don´t love him.
His grandparents, however, loved him no matter what he did. His family is very rich and when his grandfather died, Jason got very very much money. Back then, he bought his first drug and since that time he needs these drugs.

Diary of Jason Gray

I have many problems...one of these many things is… I need drugs to forget my life and that is why I am writing in this book. Today I met a very nice person. It was a woman and she was beautiful. I hope I will meet her again!

Today I was in the park again and I saw her again. I talked to her: Hey some days ago I offered you drugs. Sorry for that. Do you remember me…? She answered: Yes, I can't forget you, but you take drugs…? I didn’t say anything… I went away.

I'm a coward !

Hello Jason, we hope that you found this letter, because we want you to know that we love you. We miss you and we worry about you. If you found this letter and you want to call us: our numbers are: 012864796998 and 015624694554. We live in close to Big Ben.
We love you and we miss you! Elisabeth and Robert Gray.

Jane and I met for the third time and
we were in the cafe by the big place close to my flat. It was beautiful. We talked about the world and all. Jane has a dog and she lives in a community flat but she wants to move out of the place and get her own apartment. Maybe this apartment will be our apartment. We’ll meet tomorrow in the park where we met our first time. I think she likes me…Today I have found a letter from my parents and ...they write that they love me. I think I should call them...

Telephon call

Jason: Hello??
Elisabeth: Hello? Who is there?
Jason: This is Jason...Jason Gray
Elisabeth: …
Jason: Mom?
Elisabeth: Jason...Gray...my son??
Jason: Yes...I have found our letter…

Elisabeth: Robert!! You can’t imagine who is calling me?!!
Robert: Hello?Who is there…?
Jason: Jason Gray your son…
Elisabeth: Do you want to meet us…?
Jason: Yes..this is the reason why I am calling.
Robert: Tomorrow? In the cafe close to Big Ben??
Jason: Okay…bye bye, see you tomorrow
Byyeee...we love you


Jason: Mom….?
Eli+Robert: Jason…?We missed you!
Jason: I missed you too.
Eli+Rob: Tell us everything we have missed.
Jason: Ok...but I want to tell you that it's not easy to
act as if nothing happened…
Elisabeth: Yes...but we want you to be happy and we are
really afraid that you will go away again and
we’ll lose you again.…
Jason: Two days ago I found your letter and I now
know that you love me the way I was…
Robert: Your right…
Jason: Sorry I must go now to meet Jane.
Elisabeth: Jane? Who is Jane?
Jason: My date…



I have a normal life. I don't take
drugs anymore and I married my
love Jane.
We have 2 children and I studied
arts. We have a girl and a boy,
Emily and Henry. Emily is 4 years
old and Henry is 2 years old.
I have some contact to my parents
and they love me as I was and
they are proud that I am going
my own way.

The Collins'
by Emilia
the Swan Family
by Niovi
Lilly and Milly
on the phone
Breakfast at the Swans'
Personal profiles:

• is 38 years old
• is Jonathan's wife
• has an affair with Billy
• has 3 children (Justin, Bella, Lucy)
• she is a journalist

Meredith is very nice person and has an open heart for many people.
She loves her job and she fights to get her own program!

• is 48 years old
• is Meredith`s husband
• has 3 children (Justin, Bella, Lucy)
• he is an architect
Jonathan is an amiable person and he is very warm-hearted!
He is working on a house for his family.

• is 16 years old
• is Bella's and Lucy's brother
• he has a girlfriend (Jess)
• he plays in a band with his mates

Justin is in full puberty, he has many problems with his mom (Meredith).
He loves his girlfriend JESS and he would do anything for her!

• is 5 years old
• her nickname is Lu
• is the sister of Justin and Bella
• she loves barbies

Lucy is very cute she loves to play with Barbie dolls and she knows how she gets something (she is very cunning).

is 9 years old
is Justin's and Lucy's sister
she plays in a soccer-team
her best friends are Andrew and Jonathan
Bella is a very pretty girl, she loves to play soccer, soccer is her life!
She is very sad at the moment because Andrew, her friend, has lung cancer and maybe he will die soon.

by Alda
Eleanor Waterlily
and her cat, Lira
Biography of Eleanor Waterlily

1985: 20.08.1985 Mother, Keira Waterlily, gives birth in Dublin, Eleanor Waterlily is born.

1991: Eleanor attends first grade of the St. Mariano primary school in a little village in Ireland called Kildare.

1997: She finishes primary school and moves on to Alleys' Grammar School.

1999: She changes to a Dublin grammar school, called St. Anne's.

2003: She passes her A-levels and moves to London. She lives in a very, very small

2004: She studies Art and Writing at the Imperial College, London.

2009: She graduates and writes her first book called: the ‘Taste of Winter.’

2012: She writes another three books, and moves into a big flat in the house of stories, Cardvil Road, London.

2015: The publishing company RCY wants to publish her book ‘May Buds’.

Dear notice book,

I have an idea for a new book: a girl wants to get away from home because her father
has a new girlfriend and doesn’t even care about her, and her mother just works. In school she also has no friends because she is just too serious and grown up. She is a FIGHTER, but she always fights alone, she is strong but she isn't strong enough.
She runs away from home and takes a plane to Australia, there she meets... someone,. Well, that's the problem I even don't know who keeps her safe. OK. I have to sleep a little bit. Maybe I
can get a great idea.


the Meredith affair
by Lucy
by Moona
Dear Notice book

Today I’ll have to write my biography for a publishing company. They want to publish one of my books, the one called ‘May Buds’. Well then, I have to… pfuuuh, I' am too lazy, I will first cook myself a yummy pasta or something.

Well , here it is:

Pfuuuh, I hate doing things like that...

I've got it! When she is about to get really lonely,
an old man finds her, he lives in a
little house on the rocks and the girl is going to live with him...
Is that imbecility? Damn!

Maybe, the man is like a father to her and she grows up with him. Years later she
meets her parents, they thought that she was dead, and they are so happy to have
her back, but, she want to stay with the old man.

Yes!!! That´s good! What do you think Lira? Miau? Yes, me to!!!

Bye, Eleanor
Jonathan and Pico, the cat
Irma: Is he dead?

Max feels the pulse

Max:yes, he is

Zan Moreland
Maria Moreland
Stan, the dog
by Julia and Hoda
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