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Career Shadowing/Arbor Tech Tree Care

No description

Brandon Smith

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing/Arbor Tech Tree Care

Career Shadowing at Taking down a tree By: About the company! Photo Gallery Person I Shadowed: A work truck that Arbor Tech Tree Care owns Nate Smith has owned Arbor Tech Tree Care inc. for 6 years. Has 15 years experience in the tree business. Before he started his own company he worked for another tree business in lakeland. He loves working on trees and making them look great for the customer. His says the best thing about working in the tree business is that he isnt behind a desk and he dosen't have to go to the same office or house everyday, he goes to different house everyday and meets new people. He loves helping people and wants them to have the best looking and healthiest trees in town! Taking a tree out with a crane! Huge Tree! Rigging up the tree with the crane to take it down The boss There is a lot to know about this company. The main purpose of this company is to provide quality service at a fair price to help maintain our urban forest. In 15 years this company will be doing more commercial work and recycling their own materials. Some employability skills you need to work here is 6 years climbing experience and a class B cdl license with air brakes.Also be schooled through ISA. The average salary you make here is $20,000 entry level. Education needed is your regular highschool diploma. More about the bussiness! The Technology used in the job is bracing systems, the latest computorized cranes, dynamic cabeling systems, and gps's. Skills you need on the job is a clean cut. You must be able to talk to customers and people friendly, a good work ethic. And last but not least you must be ETHICAL!!! My opinion about Arbor Tech Tree Care In the future I would most likely pursue a career in this job. The reason why is because i love working outside and I like to going to different places and working on different kinds of trees each time. What I like best about the job is that you get to travel to different sites and your not always doing the same thing or working on the same tree everytime. There isnt really anything I dont like about this job.
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