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Walking On The Moon

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

Andrew Sarah

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Walking On The Moon

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By Andrew Sarah Walking on the Moon! Why? It was the first recorded message
that a human walked onto
another world. Questions What? Neil Armstrong saying the words.
Neil & Buzz contacting Earth
The two plant the flag
Neil starts running! The Moon When? July 21st 10:56:15pm EDT Who? Neil Armstrong
Buzz Aldrin
Columbia First Moon Landing 1969 Where? Bio:

Apollo 11 was the spacecraft that landed
the first two humans:
Neil Armstrong
Buzz Aldrin
Neil Armstrong spent 2.5 on the moon. Together, the two brought 21.5k on lunar rock to Earth One small step for man... One giant leap for mankind! Apollo 7 This was the first manned mission. Its goal was to orbit Earth for 11 days. It was also the first TV broadcast from American spacecraft Launched October 11th 1968 *TIMELINE* Apollo 8 The second manned mission was to leave Earth's orbit, reach the Earth's moon, orbit it, and return safely. The crew were the first humans to see the far side of the moon. Launched 21st
December 1968 Apollo 10 The fourth manned mission's goal was to
land different components onto to moon. It was the 'trial run' for Apollo 11 and all objectives were successful. Launched 18th May 1969 Apollo 11 The fifth manned mission was definitely the most famous. It's goal was to land on the moon and have humans step foot on the moon, and return to Earth. Apollo 11 was also the first manned mission to land onto the moon. Apollo 12 This mission was basically the same as Apollo 11, though the spacecraft went through the 'Ocean of Storms' and the crew had carried with them the first color televised camera. Launched 14th November 1969 Apollo 13 Apollo 13's mission was to land on the moon, but it's oxygen tank exploded. The mission was aborted and the crew came back to Earth. It is most well-known as 'The Successful Failure'. Launched 11th April 1970 What time did they land on the moon? What time did they depart from the moon? How long did the overall trip take? 4:17:40pm EDT 1:54:01pm EDT 195 hr. 18 min. 35 sec
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