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Copy of responsabilidad social en los negocios internacionales

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Carolina Duarte

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of responsabilidad social en los negocios internacionales

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Maria Paula Gil
Karol Corredor
Carolina Duarte Social Responsibility In The international Business Relation between the SRIB and the managerial ethics It is an action of the organizations where they compromise themselves to contribute to the company, being an initiative of voluntary character, which can turn into a strategic activity to compete commercial. Social Managerial Responsibility The social responsibility in the international business divides from the own responsibility of the individuals who head a corporation. By means of the S.R.I.B. it is done directly of his employees and this responsibility consists of handling the business of agreement to the desires of the owners basic rules of the company being based with her including the laws and the moral customs. Social Responsibility In The International Business 1.Handle the business in such way that it is beneficial for both parts.
2. The monetary interest must not be the only end of the business.
3. Anticipate the inflation by means of I do not increase of the price of the products or services.
4. Manage the use of the responsable managerial resources.
5. Support the good name of the company in order that the negotiations are more effective. Objectives I. To achieve the objectives, it is necessary to optimize the resources
2. They must balance the personal interests, looking for the common good.
3. The company that works in the I.B. must have financial independence.
4. To have a Goodwill.
5. To submit his national policies to the procedure and laws of the site in the one that stay. Characteristics The companies have codes and values to be able to come to a managerial purpose, the persons have to to surrendering to these values, and not the companies to the employees since the persons can alter the existing ethics in the companies and for ende the perception of the same one Example of the application of the Responsibility in the International Business: Al momento de realizar un negocio de Outsourcing (tercerización) a través de la metodología de Off-shorinng (deslocalización).
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