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Story Snippets

I am writing tiny snippets/chapters of stories into this Prezi! Leave a comment with your snippet and I WILL put it in! So far we have 15 snippets! My goal is to get 20!! (Note: Comments can only be 300 characters long so continue on another comment)

Amanda Gillette

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Story Snippets

Story Snippets Him By Amanda Gillette sit and think over my choices. If I run, the guards at the door will catch me before I’m twenty inches away. If I say yes, the torture sure to follow will be horrible. But if I say no, they will lock me up until I choose to help them or die in defiance. He waits for my answer. I nod my head slowly, feeling the shame bubble up inside me. He smiles evilly, and then He picks me up by my collar. “BARK!” I twist and squirm in his arms. This was NOT part of our deal. Still grinning that malicious grin, He carries me to a small door near the back of the room that I hadn’t noticed before. He opens it slowly and then with an evil smile tosses me inside. He locks the door, and I yelp hysterically, but He doesn’t care. I swear I can hear his maniacal laughter as he walks away. I flop down onto the hard cement floor, and decide to examine my prison. I am in a small, dank room, with only one dim light bulb, hanging by a thread. The walls are covered in grime, and the whole place smells like rotting corpses. My eyes adjust to the dark, and I see graffiti on all around me. Etched into the walls, cruelly written, is a poem. “You and I are one in the same. You have been here, I have been here. So why stand around waiting for the hope that will never come, the escape that will never happen, and the dream that never came? Better to die than be in this horrid place, so near.” Beneath this is a scrawled signature I can’t make out. I can’t help wondering what he meant; what was so near? And what was the ‘dream that never came’? I peer closer at the scrawled writing. Instantly I can tell it had been written a long time ago because the writing is kind of faded, and the nasty grime was covering half of it up. I walk over to wher I was supposed to sleep: A small dog bed with fluffy sheep down that is so worn and dirty I hate to think of al the disease-ridden bugs and germs. My mind starts drifting off to just moments before, the choice I had made. I quickly shake my head, hearing the tags on my collar rattle. I can’t think about things like that now; the choice has been made. But even though I try to distract myself several times, I can’t shake the feeling that I have made a terrible mistake. Flopping down on the disgusting, matted, terrible excuse for a bed, I close my eyes and try to pretend none of this had happened. I had listened to my mother; I hadn't been kidnapped, and I was still a young girl of 16, not a cute puppy of 8. I try to pretend that I hadn’t chosen what I chose. Again, it was no use. I think about me: A cute, young girl, 16 going on 17, with her brown boots and dirty blond hair tucked back in a loose ponytail. Wearing the cutest pink jacket with a light pink shirt and skinny jeans. No make-up needed; I had natural beauty. These memories should give me comfort, but when I think of them I get so sad and heartbroken. Deciding it would be better to just go to sleep, I close my eyes and try to think of happy thoughts, but none will come. Miserably, I drift off into a dreamless nightmare. Stories from young authors just like YOU! Send me your stories... (By writing them in the comments) ...and I'll publish them on here for everyone to see! e! (You may send in more than one chapter!) I Table Of Contents: 1. Him By Amanda Gillette 2. A Shrouded Cat By Annie Liang (2) A Shrouded Cat By Annie Liang here he was. The man from her nightmares, the man she saw two years ago. He was looking for Kitty. He knew her terrible secret. She would run. She would die otherwise. She would run, or die trying. She had to protect the rarest cat that ever existed, even if it cost her her life, and her secret would help. If the man told her secret, she would be dissected. She scooped up Kitty and took to the skies. Soaring high, the man snatched up Kitty, the only half cat, half robot that ever existed, and flew away, waving his third arm behind him. These shapes were ghosts! I freaked out and ran. I ran out of the school and stopped. The sky was a purplish grey color. There were no cars or roads. I saw ghost hovering over sidewalks carrying invisible cloudy colored back packs. A thousand questions came to my head. The Continued Life By Grant Gibbs veryone in the school knew it was there. No one ever bothered to touch it, until I made the biggest mistake of my life. My name is Dan Brake. I have an older sister and a younger brother and of course a mother and father. It's unfortunate that I only got to know them for 12 years. You may be wondering by now what exactly happened to me. Well, I didn't die and I didn't run away. You see, ever since I started going to Orange Bridge Middle School, I always thought the wood platform on the ground was pretty suspicious. So, one day I decided to find out what that wooden platform was covering. As I lifted up the dusty platform, I heard kids in the hallway brushing thier feet against the ground heading to their next class. I shifted my focus back onto the platform realizing that under it was a big, black, deep hole that seemed to lead to nowhere. I leaned forward to get a closer look of the giant black hole when I felt a strong push! I plumented into the hole not knowing if I was going to live or not... I thought about my family, and all the good times we had. As my life was flashing before my eyes, I realized that I was still falling. After 10 minutes of plummeting into pitch blackness I finally landed. I was in a big, dark pit filled with foam, cube shaped blocks. I was scared, really scared. "What is going on?" I asked myself. All of a sudden the foam pit started sinking. I felt myself being squished through a hole on the bottom of the pit. The hole spit me out into a classroom, my classroom. The room was empty and still. I took a deep breath and walked over to the door. I carefully opened the door and emerged into the hallway. There were cloudy looking shapes, almost invisible, that were hovering in the hall. "You dont look your normal shade, dude," one of the shapes said to me. I just looked at him walk away saying nothing. Then it hit me. Where am I? I started breathing very deeply. Is this where you go to continue your life when you die? 3. The Continued Life By Grant Gibbs (3) E T Prologue 1-
Harsh Whsipers By Amanda Gillette he door slowly creaks open. A gruff voice says "Come out slowly. One false move and I slash you!" I hear a sword being drawn from its sheath. I swear I can almost hear it calling me. It whispers "Come. Come to me. Come..." I try to block out the sound but it creeps towards me, working its way into my mind. I feel myself being grabbed, hearing yelling, but it all seems a world away. I am drawn to the anonymous voice, and I take a tentative step forward. That's all it takes. I feel myself rising, up into the sky and beyond, but all my other senses are blocked by an invisible force. I hear loud cackling, but I can't move, can't run. I hear it come closer and closer, and I squrim under the invisible force restraining me. I try to think, but everything is clouded; shrouded in darkness. "Come," whispers the voice, "Come to me!" And for the first time, I listen. T Prologue 2- Lightness of All By Amanda Gillette dot. A pinprick of light in the darkness. I scurry towards it, trying to reach the tiny little opening. I pick up the pace, but it's still too far away. I am sprinting now, arms extending, trying to reach the small dot of light. My fingers inch closer, and I can almost reach it. I close my fingers on the small pinprick of light and it disappears. I am filled with a blinding sensation. I want to scream, run, cower in terror, but I am paralyzed. I feel a strange sensation flow through me, and I feel like all the blood is rushing to my head. All of a sudden I get very dizzy, as if I've been spinning around in circles for hours. My vision gets fuzzy, then blurry, and all the colors and shapes and sounds smear together. Lightheaded and blind, I stumble forward. I feel like I'm falling, down down down, but I can't understand how. The darkness seems to be creeping up all around me, and in my ears I hear a melodic but haunting violin solo. I am transfixed by the sound, and the harder I try to find out where it's coming from the quieter it gets. Eventually, the sound disappears althogether, leaving me twisting and turning; running around in cricles, trying to figure out where it's gone. Too quickly, the free-falling sensation retruns. Tumbling through the darkness, I whisper one last word: "Autumn...". Then the darkness swallows me whole. A 4. Prologue 1- Harsh Whispers By Amanda Gillette 5. Prologue 2- Lightness Of All By Amanda Gillette Tell me which one is better! collapsed onto the sidewalk next to the school house. Is this real, please tell me I'm dreaming, I thought in my head. I then felt something brush against my shoulder. I sat up and stared right into the eyes of a women ghost. She was wearing a violet shirt and a beige skirt. Her hair was up in a bun and was looking very neat. "You shouldn't be here," the women said, pulling me off the ground. Her hands were cold and felt almost like the bristles of a broom stick. "Where am I ?" I said panicking. "Somewhere you shouldn't be, well not yet anyways. I will explain everything when I get you somewhere safe" She replied ,grabbing hold of my wrist. She jumped up pulling me with her. We were flying! I was screaming, who wouldn't be? "Shush up, would you? People are staring!" Thats when I noticed a bunch of ghosts zooming under and over us. "Wow," I whispered to myself. We arrived at a small ranch style home. She brought me inside and sat me down on a black sofa. "Now, tell me human boy, how exactly did you get down here?" I wo men. Behind her. One held out a device, and she fell out of the sky. "That device must have stopped my power!" was her first thought. Her second thought was "AAAAHHHHH! HELP!" She landed on a soft, open net before hitting the ground. Suddenly, it surrounded her, and all she could see was black. Then, she saw the man in the white coat, who is almost as bad as the man in her dreams who took Kitty. He would dissect her to see how she could fly. He was the scientist. But there was something he didn't know. She was just like Kitty. Half-robot, half-human. T Prologue 3-
Wither By Amanda Gillette I silently sink down to the ground, nmy back against a tree. That's it. They got him. I weep forlornly as the moon rises, higher and higher. Tears stream down my face, disppearing as soon as they hit the ground. The full force of it hits me: I couldn't save him. I begin to cry gain, getting louder and louder. The moon starts to sink beneath the horizon, but I can't bring myself to move, let alone stand up. I just sit there, lost in time, and losing track of time. When I finally come back to earth, I dry the last of my tears sadly. Looking up, I am startled to realize that the sun is menacingly climbing hihger up into the sky. terrified, I jump to my feet, but it's too late. A huge gust of wind whistles through the small grove of trees, and I crouch down in fear. In my heart I know it's too late, and I fleetingly think of him. What befell him. And how the same will happen to me. I feel myself sinking down into the emerald grass. I know screaming "Help!" won't do any good, so I just stay limp and let myself sink downward into the depths of the earth. Before I sink down completely, I whisper one last word "Gryft..." Then my head goes under. 6. Prologue 3- Wither By Amanda Gillette 7. The Closet By Tiffany Guo The Closet By Tiffany Guo "B oom, crash!" Suddenly the room became very silent. Brianna stepped into Kyle's room with her hairbrush. "Did you hear that?" she whispered quietly. Brianna stood there wide-eyed holding her brush like a sword ready to strike. Kyle grabbed his Star Wars light saber that was laying near his bed. The two of them, brother and sister, tip-toed toward the walk-through closet. "CRASH!" The sound echoed through the house. The duo leapt into the air and landed with a Thud! "What could that sound be?" was the question that raced through their minds. Quietly, they opened Kyle's closet in full suspense. A pile of clothes and stuffed animals were lining the floor. Carefully they stepped through the pile of dirtines and rapidly turned on the lights. "AHHH!!" they screamed and hugged each other tightly. There stood a giant pile of ants eating the leftovers of a human body! Kyle and Brianna cautiously walked over to the disgusting sight, but they just couldn't understand what was going on. "What is that?" screeched Brianna. Kyle closed his eyes and inched closer to what looked like the remains of a human body. He inched even closer and realized the ants were actually scorpions! He rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't seeing things. "Get Mom!" Brianna commanded. "We need to know what's going on." Kyle darted down the stairs and raced to the kitchen. "Mooooooooooooommm!! There's a giant pile of scorpions in my bedroom!" Kyle shouted while Mom chopped carrots to put in the stew. Ha, ha..... funny Kyle. Noe leave me alone, I'm cooking dinner," she said, looking over at Kyle. "No seriously..." said Brianna as she stepped into the the kitchen, "there is a giant pile of scorpions... go see for yourself!" "B-But it looked so real..." Mom whispered, petting one of the scorpions gently. "...But...what about the human body...?" Brianna took a closer look, and also realized that the body was fake; it was just a dummy! Kyle dragged his mom out of the kitchen and up the stairs to see the awful sight. "AHHHHH!!!" A piercing scream came out of the room and the gang broke into a run. They stopped midway and their mom said she had to go and look first, but the children disagreed. They would all go together. Quietly, they ran down the hall, hoping to catach whatever had screamed. Kyle's mom and grandma took a closer look. "Toldja!" Kyle said, "There is a whole bunch o' scorpions in my closet!!" Kyle's mom bent down to touch the scorpions... only to realize they were rubber! It was Grandma! She had gone to see where Kyle and Brianna was and stumbled into the closet. "What the heck is... AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!," screamed Mom. She couldn't believe her eyes. "O-Oh my gosh what on earth is that!?!" "Huh?!?" Brianna said, very confused. The whole gang searched everywhere for who did the prank. "Who would do this to us?" Kyle asked. "BOOOOO!!!" screamed Brainna's dad as he jumped down from a shelf rack. "AHHHH!!!" They all screamed again, taken by suprise. The only person laughing was Dad. Everyone else walked off in a huff. Dad laughed, "April Fool's!" But just as he walked away, something with a slimy hand grabbed him... The Cinderella Shoes burning sensation ran through my fingers. I pulled my hands back up onto the tree but couldn't hoist myself up onto the branch. So I waited, Waited for the burning sensation to come back to me. Derek looked up at me, his eyes filled with concern. "I'll go get help!" he cried, running toward the exit of the park. he turns back to me and yells "Don't let go!!" "I'll try." I cried back. By Sarah Huffman Rose looked at me from above and and told me to hold on, that Derek would be back soon, that he was the fastest runner on the track team. I nodded my head wearily. My fingers felt like they were on fire. I tried to pull myself up again but failed miserably. I felt terribly weak, and my hands weren't listening to me. I felt like the sweat on forehead was pouring to my hands, making them slip even more. I thought over my options, hang there in despair, or fall. I made my decision and sadly it wasn't the first option. With one last failed attempt to pull myself up, I let go of the branch. As I plummeted toward earth I managed to glance at Derek. He turned and looked at me, then ran faster than I've ever seen Derek Harris run before. Softly I whispered the word the had been on my mind all summer: "Derek". Then I closed my eyes and fell silently the rest of the way to the ground. A 8. The Cinderella Shoes By Sarah Huffman (4) "I "Who are you anyways?" I said nervously. "My name is Celia," she said. "You know you shouldn't be down here! If they find you, they will kill you!" "DING DONG !" the doorbell rang. "W-why will they kill me!? Who's they!?" I shrieked. "Hush up, boy and hide!!" Celia commanded nervously, looking out the window. "It's them," Celia said. I jumped over the couch and hid behind it. Curled up in a little ball, I heard the door open. "Afternoon, Deathlies," I heard Celia say. "Afternoon, ma'am." The voice sounded like a male ghost. "Look, we're here because we have been getting reports of a sighting of a human being." This voice sounded like a female's voice. "A human being! Don't be ridiculous! This is the continued life... for dead people, not humans!" Celia chuckled. "Alright ma'am we appreciate the help, and if you happen to see that human, give us a call," the male voice said. "I will. Thank you Deathlies," The door shut. I popped up from behind the couch.
"Who are they!? Why are they after me!?" I screamed. ... I fell," I stuttered. "You fell? How exactly did you fall?" The women asked, sitting down on a wooden chair across from me. I then told her all about how I got down into this ghostly world. (3) Melodic By Amanda Gillette move my fingers across the strings, feeling the vibrations and soft notes fill the air. A,D,G. So soft and sweet. But when I get to C, there comes a slight tingle, and a deep, luxurious note unlike all others. I embrace the sound, and I slide my fingers up the finger board, making D, E, F... But when I get to the last tape, G, I can't bring myself to pluck the note. Instead I set down my instrument before the memories come back. I hear someone softly calling my name, and I look up, startled. Right next to me is Aubrey, smiling her half-smile but looking a little worried. I don't answer her, just sit there, swinging my legs back and forth. I know what she's trying to do, and I don't appreciate it. I can't forget. I won't forget. Aubrey just sits there for a few moments, and I know she's debating on whether or not she should say something to me. Before she can decide, I get up, carefully pick up my instrument, and walk out of the room. A blast of cold winter wind blows me back, and I struggle against the force. I hold my viola up to block the wind, and it just stops. I lower my viola, frightened, and then scurry onto the other side of the street. 9. The Tatoos By Rachael Richardson (2) The Tatoos By Rachael Richardson long, long time ago there was something that happened to me. I almost did not get out alive. Now I’m going to tell you a story, like no other. The story of the tattoos. It all started on Septembe 2, 1999, when I was about 16.
Now close your eyes and picture a huge quiet library with rows and rows of books. I was looking for a book by the name of Griffin's Castle. As I was walking around looking for the book, the library speaker said in a raspy voice that we would have ten more minutes until closing.
I knew I would have to look quicker if I wanted to find the book in less than 10 minutes. Now I broke into a run and scanned the book shelves for the letter G. ABCDEFG Oh! Finally I found the aisle. Quickly I scanned the books "GA, GI, GR ah! "
"Here it is!" I pulled it out of the shelf and sprinted to the check out line. Then the announcer went on the speakers. “Closing in one minute!”
“Please have short lines, please have short lines, please have short lines,” I pleaded. Yes! The lines were short.
“Next, may I help you” said the librarian. I handed her my new library card and she checked out my book. As soon as she handed me my book I snatched it from her. Then I sprinted out the door as I fanitly heard the shout of a librarian "NO RUNNING!"
I ran over to my spotless blue bike and peddled away. Skidding to a stop on front of my house, I leapt off my bike and walked casually up to my house. I hoped Mom would think I went for a long walk. Then I heard a loud "BANG!"
Mom comes flying out of the house crying“Anna, oh, Anna! You're safe, you're safe!,” and gives me a big hug and kiss. "Sorry, Mom," I say, "I had trouble finding my book. I wont be late next time." My mom hugged me one last time and then said sternly "Hurry and eat your dinner before it gets cold!”
After I ate my food I ran up to my cozy little room in the attic, opened the door, and plopped down on the bed. Then I pulled on my blue flannel pajamas, and drifted off to sleep.
The next morning I jumped out of bed and tore off my pajamas. Then I pulled on my new super stylish sports dress and plopped down on my beanbag and started reading. I know that most people think that reading is boring but they are WRONG!!
Now after reading for about 2 minutes I come face to face with a huge sheet of shiny, sparkly, and colorfully beautiful tattoos folded in thirds. My first instinct was to try to give them back to the person, but then I thought that they might have left it in the book for a reason... A decided to keep them. Getting up from my beanbag I walked over to the bathroom with the amazingly soft carpet. Then I slowly pealed off the clear plastic rapper off the tattoo and placed the tattoo on my neck and wet the paper. After I had counted to thirty I slowly pealed it off my skin.
Then, out of nowhere, my eyes closed and when I open them again I’m laying on a moss covered rock. At first I thought I had fainted and was lying on the bathroom floor. So as my eyes adjusted to the sunlight, it was a wonder to see millons of tiny litle creatures, dwarves!
Slowly I stood up and started to walk around but was stopped when one of the dwarfs ushered me inside. Squeezing through the door I see 7 little beds all in a row. As he spoke I was glad he was Happy, not Grumpy, because Grumpy would have been a little rude.
Happy said "Oh! You must be starved!"he hurridly served me a nice warm meal. Then he welcomed me to Sweswaftes, The Dwarve Kingdom, because he knew I was not from around here. After he said that I had so many questions. So I asked this one. "How did I get here?"
"I was putting on a tattoo and POOF! I arrived here!" Happy asked if he could see the tattoo. I agreed to show him so I pulled back my thick, dirty blonde hair to reveal a heart shaped tattoo. Then Happy gasped. “You have the Queen's tattoo," he said in wonder. I e watched us. He always watched us, like we were . He never said anything, just stared with a smirk on his face. It was strange to me, and my little sister, Rose had noticed it too. She had once told me if this continued something bad would happen. And it did continue. Everyone Knows Something Every day, he would watch us, with eyes unusually blue. He would watch us swim, and play soccer. However, he never said anything about it. Mother was too busy to see what was going on; after all she was still getting over her parents being murdered. She was too fragile to talk to, to worry. But, who would know that he would cause any trouble. I should’ve known there was something wrong with him. The way he stared wasn’t out of curiosity, it seemed as he was planning something. No not like a surprise party for Mom’s birthday, more like something that will cause trouble, lots of it. But, I was too careless to even consider Rose’s warning. It’s all my fault. I was too blind to see, my eyes deceived me. Rose was right something bad did happen, and this misfortune made me believe that people over 12 aren’t the only ones who knows things. It was too bad I didn’t know that then. It was too bad that he was my father. It was too bad that he was the one who killed my mother. By Kristen Malebranche Flames 12. Flames By Rebecca DelCore (4) 11. Everyone Knows Something By Kristen Malebranche (4) 10. Melodic By Amanda Gillette (2) By Rebecca DelCore awoke the sound of my mom screaming and shaking me fervishly to wake up. When I opened my eyes, she grabbed my hand and pulled me outside my house.
I saw my sister, brother and dad outside as well. When I faced my house I saw it bursting up in flames. I gazed into the flames and my parents crowded around me. A gigantic flaming hand started coming out of the house. My mom screamed "Not yet! She's too young! please...!"
The hand kept moving out of the house, it appeared as it was coming towards me. The flaming hand was after me. my mom screamed " Kylie run as far as you can!! I love you!" I ran. I kept running, even though the hand wasn't far behind. I kept going.
Finally, I collapsed and the hand swooped me up. I plummeted into the ground. I screamed a murdeous scream. Once I was below the ground, I saw people. All the people had skin the color of burned wood and flaming red hair. Yes, FLAMING !
It was flames dancing on the heads, that looked like hair. I looked down at myself, I looked the same. As I passed by the people they bowed down to me. The all said the same thing, "My goddess".
I was so confused but kept on walking, the hand guiding me. The last time I stopped, it burned my back. When the hand finally let me stop, I came to a castle, surrounded by a beam of light. I walked up the giant staircase and came to a women that had a crown on her head
The women said "Well hello, you must be Kylie." I nodded my head. The women replied "This is Flames, our kingdom, and you are our new ruler, Queen Kylie. Please follow me."
A million questions ran through my mind but there was one in particular that I had to ask "Excuse me, I will see my family again, right?"
The women replied "No sorry Kylie, your parents agreed for the Flames to have you as there ruler once you turned 14, that was the only way they could have you." I gasped. My 14th birthday was today... fell to the floor and wept. I had my family around for all my life. Well of course I get mad at my parents and older siblings but I couldn't imagine them not being around. I I As I step onto the pavement, I am startled to realize that there is nobody here. I'm standing alone, right across from the Bemontionous Musical Theatre, with not a person in sight. This strikes me as odd, because these parallel streets are usually flooded with people and cars. Today, however, it is completly deserted. I hurry along a little faster than normal, a little paranoid. I keep looking over my shoulder, expecting something, or someone, to jump out from the shadows. I get to a cross road and think "Which way do I go to get to...?" Then I remember that I don't have a destination. Where to go? What to do when I get there? Why am I going? Why should I go? If I go, will my parents worry? Of course they won't, but will they send someone to retrieve me? All these questions crowd my brain, but I push all of them away except the first one. "Where to go?" I ask myself again. Then, everything goes black. "Who are you? Can't I just go home? I don't want to be Queen of this wacko place! It's too creepy!" I blurted out. 13. The Mean Ones By Kira Diminico (Poem) The Mean Ones By Kira Diminico Here come The Mean Ones, vile and crule.
Bringing the rains of sorrow,
Casting a dark shadow.
Masses shudder with fear,
As The Mean Ones start to grow near.
Hearts of ice,
Picking on those who try to be nice.
Alone once again,
Without a friend,
They toiled and troubled.
Do you want this?
Than stay on your path,
If you wish not than you do the math.
I might be a Mean One,
You could be one too,
Think in perspective then you`ll see what`s true. “Oi. You guys don’t know anything do you?” He walked with us, hand in hand. We walked for a couple of minutes until we stopped in front of a white BMW . He opened the back seat door and shoved Rose in. “Hey what about m-me! You can’t just leave me here and take her!!! You can’t take everyone I love!!!!!!! I won’t let you!” Tears rolled down my face as I spat at him. The piece of jewelry flew at me with speed and in the end it was on my wrist skin tight. The same routine happened with Rose. We both look at him with our green eyes wide open. He gave us the same look as he said: His hand did not even make contact with the rocks and the wood. He just made a bunch of hand gestures and boom, two wooden bracelets were produced. Then he raised his hand and so did one of the bracelets, without any hesitation he pointed at me. I puzzled over the word 'experiment'. What was he going to do with us? While I pondered, he took the moment to force me into the front seat. He then got into the driver seat. But he didn’t start driving right away. It took a few minutes for him to get settled. He took out some wood and rocks. By then I was completely convinced that my father had mental issues. However, what he did with those items seem crazy, impossible. With those supplies he created two bracelets. “Oh, Stephanie, I wouldn’t leave you out. I'll need both of you to complete my 'experiment'.” He said evilly. fter he killed her, he fled with us in his arms. I screamed for help, but he told me to shut it or else my sister would end up like my mother. I listened. Rose was crying; our mother died right in front of us. Now we were with her killer. A H ylie, I am your real mother, but for now you can call me Queen. Once you have your coronation you will call me mother. I will explain everything, don't worry. Here we go." She took a deep breath.
"I was traveling in the world you called Earth. I met your 'parents' and they were moaning on and on about how they needed a daughter. So I decided to let them have you until you were 14. Then you would be returned to me in Flames.
I guess they forgot about our deal, or wanted to push it off. But Kylie, let's get this straight.: I'm your mother and you are going to be Queen."
"You aren't going back to Earth. Flames is much better. Eventually your 'parents' will be here. Everyone on Earth comes to Flames once they die on Earth. but some like you or I just get lucky and come early."
My 'mom' smiled. Once I thought about it, I really looked like her when I was on Earth. Maybe this was good for me, a chance to make a difference and help the people of Flames. hit the ground with so much impact that I was momentarily knocked out. The last thing that I heard before I went out was the sound of Rose screaming at Derek to go straight to the hospital, and to hurry. Suddenly the feeling of floating in air vanished. I was falling, The world started to spin around and around. I had a strange feeling that I would never see Derek again, so I said the words that I had been thinking of over and over again. In an almost silent whisper I said "I love you Derek" y eyes slowly opened and I saw a world of swirling colors surround me. I had the feeling that I was dropping into a pit of nothingness. Something tickled my shoulder. I tried to glance at it, but my muscles felt paralyzed. I could see in the dim light that my dress was turning into my pink sweatshirt. My legs were being hugged by my new skinny jeans. My long hair that I grew out over the summer shrank down into a shoulder length bob. my ballet flats were replaced by shoes that I could not recognize. The one thing that I saw before closing my eyes was Derek hurtling through space, in the other direction. Then all I saw was pitch-black darkness. I M falling, falling... hat do you mean?” Rose finally said something “What don’t we know?”
“Nothing. I already showed you too much. “ He said this as he started to drive. “Where are we going?”
“Don’t worry child I will keep you safe.”
"Would you be surprised if I didn’t believe that?” Rose whispered. “Just---.”
I stopped listening there. Where were we going? More importantly what was my father? What he did with those rocks was so magical, unbelievable. My father just made me a bracelet, within minutes but without even touching the materials physically.
I began to think back. Back to when I was little. To see if I remember any TV shows or something on this peculiar concept. Year by year I thought. I was only fourteen, but I had a lot to think back on.
However, I couldn’t seem to find anything to do with my father’s special ability. Then I felt like I’ve been slapped across the face. I knew what he was. The information came from a book I read two years ago.
He was afraid off us knowing a little, but we already knew a lot. He had the ability to control earth. "W kay, I'll be your Queen" My mom stopped dead in her tracks. She ran over and hugged me. "But you have to have my Earth family come for my coronation and they stay here." She hestitated for a long while, but eventually agreed. "Fine, as long as you become Queen" my mother replied. This was the beginning of a never ending preperation for me to become Queen of Flames. And let me tell you, it wasn't easy! But it was worth it. "K "O uddenly, the falling sensation stopped. I was floating in mid-air, in the middle of time. Then I suddenly dropped, falling once again, and then landing on the ground for real this time.
I looked around. I was in the museum at the same time I left, with all my classmates frozen around me. I looked around at the clock. It said 3:15, the same time I disappeared from the museum. The date was still June 3, 2011, my dad's birthday, the day I was sent into time.
I finally decided to stand up and see if anyone was unfrozen, but I couldn't. I glanced at my feet, expecting to see sneakers, but instead I saw glass slippers. Cinderella's glass slippers. The same glass slippers that the time agent had tried to take.
The glass slippers that I put on the moment I was sent back in time. S ou ... you can control earth. That’s how you made the bracelets." I suddenly thought out loud. The cars slowed down, but sped back up. “You don’t know what yo-“He began
I cut him off. “I know EXACTLY what I’m talking about!”
He didn’t respond. He wasn’t going to answer. But, it was then when I saw cars slowing down on the road we were on. I knew what was happening.
The cops were expecting everyone’s car because theft was committed in one of the stores nearby. It happens almost every two weeks. A light bulb went off in my head.
“Tell me more about your special abilities.” I said
“No, you don’t need any more information.” He said
“Okay then. I guess you won’t exactly have us for your experiments. Aren’t we the most important part?”
“What are you talking about?” he asked
“You see those cars slowing down?” He gave a slight nod. “Well it means the cops are checking people’s car to see if there is any stolen merchandise in the cars since it’s been reported from one of the stores around here.
When we get checked by a cop, I’m going to tell the officer you’ve kidnapped us and …. killed my mother.”
“You wouldn’t dare.” He growled
“I would and WILL unless….. you tell us about your ... talent and why you want us so badly.” I mentioned slyly.
He hesitated for a few moments. Traffic was moving very slowly.
“Okay I’ll tell you” He sighed
“Everything?” Rose asked. Her eyes were red from crying. “Yes, just don’t tell the police anything.” He said “Or else.”
Before I could ask what, I heard Rose screaming. When I looked at her I saw the bracelets becoming very tight, her circulation was being cut off and the pain of the squeezing was make the girl scream. “OKAY WE WON’T SAY A WORD!!! PLEASE JUST STOP HURTING HER!” Tears were on the brim of my eyes.
His mouth curled up into a smile. "Good girls” Traffic moved by an inch. A few minutes went by.
I broke the silence “Well let's hear it… What are you really?” "Y 14. Slowly By Amanda Gillette (3) (Mrs. Villano's story switching) I rms extending, hands reaching, I struggle to get ahold of the silver beauty lying on the dusty cement floor. Before I can even lay a finger on it, the mysterious man snatches it up. He looks at it curiously and maliciously, turning it over in his hands, plucking a few of the strings. I bare my teeth at him, rage streaming through me, and if I wasn't chained to the blood-stained wall I would have strangled him.
He finally makes a few motions with his fingers and it disappears in a haze of dark green shadows. Then he turns back to me, grinning that evil little grin he reserves just for his "Little Sweetheart". I shoot him the angriest and mightiest face I can muster, but he just laughs mockingly. His manical laughter bounces off the walls, echoing in the small, dank, prison. A Slowly By Amanda Gillette sit quietly on the hard, wooden bench. My body gets colder and colder as the sun sinks below the rooftops of the neighboring houses. The yard, once flooded with light, has only a sliver of a ray left. The birds that were twittering so eagerly just hours before are now silent, only whispering a quiet word every now and then. I swing my feet back and forth, perring through the the pine branches at my maple wood deck.
I close my eyes, breathing softly and depply. I can almost picture the luscious Sourland Mountains in my mind. Memories rush through me, and I see myself sitting ona flat rock having a pinic, then me next to the 'Largest Rock in the World'. I smile at the thought of me, the 4-year old adventurous girl, standing in front of an enormous, mossy gray rock.
Then, a memory I had almost forgotten floods back to me. I am standing in the large field, on my tip-toes, gazing out into the distance. My auburn hair is blown back by the wind, and I stand there, in complete wonder. It was a beautiful sunny day, like today right now.
Lost in my memory, the "Fool on the Hill" drifts through my head. I smile, and so does the younger me. I am still gazing at the sun, and then the parking lot way ion the distance. Then, I take off, tearing down the mountain at full speed. I race past the wildflowers, the cattails, spring gaily over the last couple of logs, and then I am smack dab in the middle of the parking lot.
Suddenly, the memory begins to fade, and I desperatly try to hold on to it, but it escapes my grasp. The only thing I have left is the sad verses of "Fool on the Hill". Then, that slowly begins to fade too, as the last note dings, and it is gone.
Now I am can only see pitch blackness. Opening my eyes, slowly and regretfully, I am suprised to find that the sun has gone. Pale beams of moonlight have now replaced the sun's gorgeous beams.
Wistfully, I once again long for my lost memories. I The Beatles Fool on the Hill Original scurry outside to the dusty old bench in the deserted backyard. Stepping through the curtain of pine trees, I scour the bench for the hidden switch I know is there. When my hand touches the back of the far left leg, the bench starts to sink. I get up quickly, and take a few steps away. Once the bench has completly disappeared into the ground, a door rises up.
Taking a deep breath, I step into it, and loud and clear I declare "Sourland Mountains!" In a flash of blinding light, the whole yard disappears. My eyes instinctively close, and when I open them, I am smack dab in the middle of the field that is the Sourland Mountains.
I check my watch hurridly, hoping I'm not too late. 7:19. I have just two minutes until it happens.
Gritting my teeth, I race down the huge hill. I nimbly leap over the logs strewn in my path, bypassing wildflowers and cattails all the way. When I am finally out of breath and have to stop, I check my watch again. It says 7:19, and I stand there, puzzled.

Unknown to me, while I stand there, trying to figure out what has just happened, the enemy is getting closer to the only thing that might save us.

While I stand there, confused, the enemy is destroying the last safe place.

While I stand there, the world is being destroyed. I Super Hero/Adventure I Science Fiction 15. Star Crossed By Sarah Huffman Sorry for any issues with the Prezi, I'm working on it!! Star Crossed hen it happened I was young, young at a mere age of 16. It was my birthday when it happened, a birthday I wil never forget. Over the years I have started to accept what happened more and more. I am now 75 years old, 76 as of tomorrow. It will be the 60th
anniversary of what happened.
Even though with age my acceptance of what happened has grown, I still understand it no more then I did the day it happened. By now you must be wondering what exactly happened that fateful day in July. I am prepared to tell you, but you must promise to tell no one.
That day was the day the love of my life died. To truly understand what happened you must know 3 things. One: I only knew Josh for a month and a half. Two: He was my best friend, as well as my boyfriend. Three: I still believe...
What happened was all my fault. So as I start the story, at the very beginning, you should listen carefully, and miss no details. I will start the story with that fateful first day of summer vactaion, over sixty years ago. I will begin with the day that the phone rang, and the call that changed my life forever. By Sarah Huffman w Well, not in Flames. In Flames you learn how to create fire at the tips of you fingers, to let them dance around in your palms, and how to throw fireballs. Yes, I just said THROW FIREBALLS!!! As for outfits, you wear skin tight brown dresses lit on fire. hen you picture a queen or princess, you picture pink fluffy ball gowns and balancing books on your head. But don't worry, it's perfectly safe (or at least that's what the tell me.) I can't wait for my "family" to come. It's been about 2 Flame months, which on Earth is 4 months, since I have seen them. My corronation is in 2 Earth weeks and I'm syched!! I finally adapted and have a few friends. My best friend that I spend almost ALL my time with is my friend Fiamme. Fiamme is Italian for flame. He was put in Flames because he was caught in a fire in his house and didn't make it out..... W In darkness of the night
I spied him in a tree
Sat I froze by the sight
He was looking at me
The summer's heat became a chill
The angel of death at his kill My heart skipped with the fright
Blinked my eyes to bet'r see
Glanced back with all my might
Parted he my comp'ny
My chest was quickly pounding still
The angel of death at his kill I did rise and take flight
The fear made me to flee
From darkness into light
To free captivity
Unbinding my soul from his will
The angel of death at his kill VetexCards By Anonymous When hen the dampness consumes the soul, it shall be not dreary in the whole, with the grey remains o' the last hour, God shall bless us with a shower, the pressure and emotions in the sky shall change, and it still rings even out of range, the color shall take absence on the road, present you with unbearable cold, clammy and sticky as the blue fades, but what inspiration this eve shall portray... W By Anonymous
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