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Hip Hop Dance Prezi

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Mike Irwin

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Hip Hop Dance Prezi

Hip Hop Dance By: Mike Irwin, Saliim Lattimore, Jay Louden Origins of Hip Hop Dance -East Coast Hip Hop Started when DJ Herc moved to New York in 1967.
-Hip Hop is believed to have originated in Brooklyn, New York.
-It came from African-American and Latina cultures in Brooklyn.
-Hip Hop started as a dance that was only performed on the streets or in clubs.
-African dances blended with Jazz dance to form Hip Hop. Kool Dj Herc -D.J. Herc was born in Kingston, Jamaica.
-When He moved to New York in 1967 he invented "Breaking"
-Breaking was when he would play two records of the same song at the same time and he would only play the rhythms.
-Playing the rhythms of rock and funk songs made it easier for people to dance.
-Hip Hop Dance started largely as a competitive dance in Brooklyn. Uprock Dance -Uprock is considered one of the original Hip Hop dance styles that started in Brooklyn.
-Two dancers dance face to face in a dance competition.
-The main element used in uprock is mime, dancers make gestures detrimental to adversary (burns)
-Rhythm: feet hit ground to rhythm of song.
-Winner is the person who dances to the rhythm and performs "burns" the best. Toprock -Developed from Uprock, form of uprock that isn't competitive.
-Often used as a beginning to "B-boying"
-Movements: mixture of foot shuffles, spins, turns and creative movement.
- There is a lot of room for improvisation.
-Toprock is often confused with uprock. Uprock is competitive. West Coast Hip Hop Dance -Hip Hop is thought to have originated in Brooklyn, but it simultaneously originated on the West Coast.
-Famous Hip Hop groups like the Lockers and the Electric Boogaloos started in California.
-Important hip hop dances started in California: Popping, Locking, Roboting. Popping -Invented by Boogaloo Sam, part of the Electric Boogaloos.
-Movement: quickly contracting and relaxing the muscles for a "jerk" or pop.
-Popping is done continuously to the rhythm of a song.
-There is room for improvisation.
-Related dance moves: Tutting and waving. Locking -Invented by Don Campbellock who was part of the Lockers.
-The Lockers were a group from California.
-Movement: Freezing in a particular location for a brief period of time.
-Locking was often performed to funk music by James Brown.
-Mime - most locking involves making gestures to the audience. Roboting -Roboting started in California.
-People created roboting as a way to mimic robots in movies.
-Often considered a subset of popping. Boogaloo -Style of hip hop dance created by the Electric Boogaloos.
-Key movements: utilizing rolls of hip, legs, knees and head.
-Combined these movements with popping and locking. Modern Hip Hop Dance -Through the 1990's and 21st century, fad dances became popular.
-Fad dances: Cha Cha Slide, The Worm, The Running Man, Bernie.
-Hip Hop dance started as a street style, but has slowly progressed to the stage.
-Schools have Hip Hop dance teams and there are some large professional hip hop dance groups.
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