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The Age of Jackson

No description

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of The Age of Jackson

The Age of Jackson
Vocabulary Terms
: appointing friends and supporters to government jobs
Andrew Jackson's Presidency
The Tariff Crisis
Christiana Chee, Michele Glantz, Taiise Grant, Chris Montero
spoils system
: spoils taken from conquered enemies were jobs for party supporters
Tariff of 1828
: heavy tax on imports designed to discourage foreighn imports & encourage American manufacturing
: to withdraw from the Union
Indian Removal Act
: authorized Jackson to give Native Americans land from the Louisiana Purchase in exchange for lands taken from them in the East
Important People
Andrew Jackson
Henry Clay
Daniel Webster
Martin Van Buren
John Tyler
1st president from West of Appalachian Mountains
became president from popular support
Jacksonian Democracy
support came from less-wealthy voters
more states allowed all white men to vote
The Spoils System
patronage became official when Jackson took office
"champion of the common man"
Limited Government
Jackson believed in limiting power of federal government
used his veto power to restrict federal activity
South Carolina claimed states could nullify federal laws they judged to be unconstitutional
South Carolina nullified tariffs & threatened to secede
Henry Clay ended crises
Personal Life Issues
Marriage Complications
married Rachel Robards
Rachel still married while seeing Jackson
Dueling Dickinson
Dickinson insulting Jackson in newspaper
had a duel with Jackson
Angry Andrew
had quick temper
used it to his advantage
The Bank War
The Bank of the United States
Jackson disliked Bank
Henry Clay & Daniel Webster support Nicholas Biddles' recharter of Bank
Jackson Vetoes the Charter
Jackson claims that Bank was tool of greed & power
won reelection in 1832
Jackson's Successors
Martin Van Buren won 1836 election
William Henry Harrison won election in 1841
John Tyler became president after Harrison
"His audacity on behalf of the people earned him enemies who slandered him and defamed even his wife, Rachel. He dueled in her defense and his own, suffering grievous wounds that life him with bullet fragments lodged about his body."-Brands
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