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Solutions Architect Presentation

CITP Assessment 3 - Interview of an IT Professional (Solutions Architect)

Daniel Lekic

on 21 May 2012

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Transcript of Solutions Architect Presentation

Solutions Architect What is the role of a Solution Architect? A solutions architect is one who aims to address specific problems and requirements of the business, usually through the design of specific information systems or applications. Welcome! Solutions Architecture falls under the "Strategic Level of IT".

Executives create the concept, strategists focus on the overall plan, hand down to tacticians to design the solution who then hand down to operational for use and maintenance.

More focused on business needs. Exec Strategic Tactical Operational What's the money like? On average: $150,000 - $180,000 The day to day life of a Solution Architect Designing new solutions
Communicate with other sectors of the business.
Understand and meet business requirements.
Produce solutions on budget, on time.
Be involved from beginning to end.
Bridge between business and technical. Video Time Soft Skills for IT Architecture Questions? Communication Skills Mentoring Skills Presentation Skills Collaboration Skills Video Time Challenges Faced Keeping within the budget Completing tasks on time Limited resources Diverse teams Ethical Issues Budgeting VS Quality Video Time Education Tertiary Education (TAFE, University, Apprenticeships)

Plenty of experience

Third-party qualifications (CISCO - Networking) Proper assessment of products Being non-biased Maintaining Professionalism
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