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No description

Gaetano Bernagozzi

on 5 May 2014

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, essential element of the International Trade (of course, with imports) that make up the “Balance of Trade”. In order that a State has a profit is assumed that exports are greater than imports. In this way, it will also increase the GDP of a country.
Export means selling national products abroad in order to get money and increase the success of the company against international competitors.
Export of "
The main problem of Calabria
Funds (money)
Analysis of some tables related to Calabria's export
is the last region in the South of Italy, flow through by three seas and has many advantages because of the location, its proximity to Africa and other Eastern European countries such as Greece. Are favored especially maritime trade.
In Calabria are presents two main mountain ranges and, most of the territory is covered by plains and hills, crossed by rivers and lakes that make easy the production of typical products.
of this paper is to analyze all exports of Calabria, especially in the field of agriculture exports (facilitated through the vegetation and climate), making a brief comparison with the other Italian regions and in respect of the past years.
About the
analyzed, I am going to show:
Short description of Calabria;
Presentation of all the product exported by Calabria;
Where Calabria export its products (European and not European Countries);
Analysis of some tables in order to understand better the meaning of the paper (National and Eurostat);
Conclusion of the paper.
The main aim
Tasks to perform
What Calabria exports
Thanks to a mild climate, it is possible the growth of a variety of products, particularly
(for the subsequent production of
(for the subsequent production of
), and a vastness of
citrus fruits
such as oranges, lemons and tangerines. In the woods it is possible the growth of
, and on the west coast of Calabria is possible the cultivation of
“red” onion
famous throughout Italy and beyond. The particularity of this onion is to be red, probably because of the land where these are planted. One of the specialty of Calabria is, without any doubt,
red hot chilli peppers
, for sure the most spicy in Italy. Calabria, with its chilli participates to a lot of festival and international competitions. On the plains under the mountains it’s possible the cultivation of
, very tasty and valuable. In addition, there are many
production and development of
chemical products
. We can even find a lot of kind of
, but they are produced in particular for the domestic market.
No money to guarantee investements and try to incraese GDP of Calabria. It's very hard to give opportunities of work, so almost impossible to get an economic's development.
One of the problem about money is "who get these money?" Nobody or everybody know the answer.
Italy but in particluar "the South"
If it is true that the situation in Italy is not good because of the crisis, the situation is even worse in the southern regions, where the work miss and rate of unemployment, especially youth unemployment has reached very high levels, around 42 %.
Also, in the South there are not all those companies and factories that are instead present in the North. Our economic is based essentially on the agriculture and small companies.
Fruit and vegetables
Chemical products
Where Calabria export its products
ISTAT submitting its report has recognized the merit that the Region of Calabria, on non-European markets, recorded a strong increases. In fact, Calabria from January-September 2012 recording a percentage change in a positive, equal to 44, 4% of exports to countries outside Europe.
In Europe:
- Spain
- France
- UK
- Germany
- Poland
- Belgium
- Netherlands
- Switzerland
- Austria

Outside Europe:
- United State of America
- Canada
- Mexico
- Tunisia
- Algeria
- Libya
- Saudi Arabia
- Turkey
- China
- Japan
- Australia

Main Country where Calabria export its products
Export of Calabria's cities
Situation during the third quarter of 2013 where the total amount decrease in 86 million of Euro and also the variation in percentage decrease in 5,1%, less then the third quarter of 2012.
Country target
In the third quarter of the year 2013 there was the total amount of export of about 87 million of Euro with the decrease compared to the previous year 2012 of 5,1%. In the first position we can find Switzerland followed by Germany, Tunisia, USA, UK and so on.
The overall situation of Calabria has experienced brilliant moments in the past years (2002-2006), and dark moments, such as those from 2007 to present. Of course, the hope is that the level of exports will continue to increase and enhance the region's GDP.

Unfortunately, the forward-looking statements are not so positive because of the crisis that has raged throughout Italy, and in particular in the regions of Southern Italy. Calabria is a region rich in resources but they are not exploited in the right way. Nowadays there are a lot of wasted money, money that could really be useful to increase investments in foreign countries.

Especially because the products of Calabria are among the most sought in Europe and in the world, even because of the favorable climate of the region that promotes the culture of first quality’s products.

Calabria is a region potentially rich of resources untapped that hopefully in a few years will come out of this situation of crisis and finally increase their GDP and also the international trade.
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