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An Analysis of Humorous Text!

It's an awesome presentation!

natalie benitez

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of An Analysis of Humorous Text!

Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start Introduction The levels of comedy for the video, 'Pencils
Laugh,' is both high level and low level comedy.
I think this video is high comedy because: this video is depending or making us guffaw on her
witty dialogues about pencils and the situational
fact or plot that she is laughing just about pencils.
I think this video is also low comedy because: this video is based on her actions as well like on how she laughs and on how loud she cackles, physically based. The Author's Purpose Conclusion Analyzing Humorous
Texts - Pencils Laugh! By: Pooja Gadi and
Natalie Benitez Pencils Laugh! - Our Humorous Video 2 Elements of Humor - Pencils Laugh! The Levels of Comedy What universal truth is he/she trying to communicate through humor?

In this video, she is trying to communicate on how amusing pencils are to her, how special they are to her, how she loves them, and also to show us that people mostly titter or chuckle at stupid things that turns out to be hysterical to us. "These are pencils. I love pencils. One has a sharp point and the other one has no point, but I love pencils. The point of this laugh is pencils, so, therefore, I'll laugh." She clearly is confident and states why and how she loves pencils. She declares that pencils are laughable whether they are bad or good, blue or red, or even sharp or dull. "One pencil is blue and the other pencil is navy. They are both good!" It somehow seems she has an interest in pencils and she finds it hilarious. She outbursts of laughter and she makes boisterous jokes about pencils. Our video is called 'Pencils Laugh'. There sits a woman in the middle of the webcam talking about pencils, how they make her giggle and why it is so amusing. She also describes the pencils in her hand and says pencils are good either way. The old woman just enjoys laughing about pencils. She just states how much she loves pencils, which pencil has a point, and she tells us the colors. After this light-hearted joke, she just continues to enjoy pencils and the way they make her giggle.
The old woman just enjoys laughing about pencils. During the whole video, she just states how much she loves pencils, and expresses her love and emotion towards pencils. In the end, after her lengthy, hysterical laughter, she simply just sighed and snickered, "Pencils." How mirthful. Thank you for Listening.
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