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The Library...

Our Vision, Our Transformation

Moira Mackenzie

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of The Library...

Welcome to Parkhurst Our Shared Vision Vision Behind Our Vision Our 21st Century Learners Meet Carol Smart Classrooms Our 2020 Vision Our 2010 'C' Change 'Automate the Transaction' I just want to be a great librarian Research ...!!! Teachers ... ??? Education Step One in the design or redesign of a learning space is to reflect upon and clarify the school's 'Vision for Learning' and to understand the five 'Design Guidelines' for strategic decision making. Step Two requires a school leadership team to make the connection between the school learning vision and the explicit pedagogical activities that are planned for a new or remodelled learning space. Step Three assists school leadership groups to apply what you have learnt and reflected upon in Step One and Step Two to influence the practical design decisions being made concerning new or remodelled spaces.

Information is categorised as six practical elements:

* Learning spaces
* Functional
* Emotional
* Furniture and fixtures
* ICT Infrastructure
* Project Management Learning Modality So you are getting a new library !!!
You'll now be able to store your books, collections, resources ....
and have them all in the same place ....
at long last ....
and keep track of everything ....
AHH !!!! What a dream library
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