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Current Trends

No description

Janaina Weissheimer

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of Current Trends

How to use CMC for learning
without invading the more personal
realm of social networking? CMC dilema Individualized instruction based on the learner’s interactions and exchanges with the tutorial CALL.
Offers individualized feedback considering the learner’s increased level of language awareness. iCALL

Textbook packages The medium stimulates students to spend more time engaged with L2 learning materials which ultimately promotes greater learning than in f2f situations. Blake’s hypothesis Few people stop to reflect on the fact that traditional classroom practices may often tarnish the f2f privileged status
“Perhaps therein lies the importance of all activities carried out through OLL: These learning environments and tools help students maintain their interest in learning a language over a long period of time. And like it or not, learning another language [...] is a very time-consuming activity.” From dead-end students to lifelong language learners http://www.learninggamesnetwork.org/ CMC gives both the instructors and students the ability to direct the conversational flow and engage in meaningful communication.
scaffolding – exchanging meanings with their peers and/or with more expert interlocutors
Synchronous: Skype, Wave, Msn, (voice) chat, tandem
Asynchronous: emails, forums, wikis, blogs, Voicethread Computer-mediated communication CMC
Social Computing In the past - Often associated with mechanical grammar exercises
Drill – and – kill? What do students really think of these exercises?
Today - A plethora of tools at teachers’ disposal Tutorial CALL Are we having fun yet? Parents and Educators are worried Some numbers in the US OLL – Online Language Learning

Fully online/ totally virtual = distance learning
Hybrid/Blended = amount of time and content delivered online varies
Web-facilitated/ Technology-enhanced... Adding to the alphabet soup Blake (2011) Current trends in online language learning Affordance – a quality of an object, or an environment, that allows an individual to perform an action The gaming environment as a viable way to stimulate L2 learning.
Games are able to mix the best of tutorial CALL with the best of social computing
Some features of games:
Different persona
Task oriented
Team work
Designed experience
Agency CALL Gaming Hybrid or blended curriculum U.S. Department of Education (postsecondary courses)
> > The learning factor F2F education =
the golden standard
is being degraded! What about vocabulary learning and tutorial CALL (multimedia glosses)? http://www.vocabulary.com/ Voicethread - conversations in the cloud https://voicethread.com/?#u953988 Connecting the dots tutorial


gaming http://pt.englishcentral.com/videos#!/index
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