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Severus Snape: A Tragic Hero

No description

Emma Plaxico

on 13 May 2016

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Transcript of Severus Snape: A Tragic Hero

Severus Snape: A Tragic Hero
By Emma Plaxico

What It Takes To Be A Tragic Hero
Flaw or error in judgment (hamartia)
A reversal of fortune
Realization that the hero is the cause for the bad luck
Excessive pride
Fate must be greater than deserved.
Snape's Tragic Development
When we are first introduced to Snape in the first book, he is clearly the "villain" of the school, and is soon to be identified as one of the major villains of the series.
Snape's Tragic Development (2)
Even though many occurrences prove otherwise, Snape was in fact one of the "good guys". He was constantly watching over Harry, despite how much he reminded him of Harry's father (who he hated), and was asked to perform certain tasks that were portrayed as evil (i.e. killing a major character) by Dumbledore himself.
Snape's Tragic Downfall
Snape's death was one of the saddest deaths of the Harry Potter series, as it is revealed to Harry through memories of Snapes' that he was always a good guy. Even though his tragedy ended, the story did not, so his death became a secondary concern.
Overall, Snape was a tragic hero because he went through the entire series misunderstood and portrayed as the "evil" one, other than Voldemort, until his tragic death, in which he is finally displayed as the "behind-the-scenes" hero he really was along.
Professor Severus Snape is one of the most complex characters in the Harry Potter series. He has been called a villain, a hero, an anti-hero, and "a very bad man," all with good reason. His character is one that people who read the Harry Potter series never forget, especially after his way of death.
Why Snape's Life Was Tragic
Severus Snape was bullied during his time at Hogwarts by Harry's father. He was desperately in love with Lily, Harry's mother, who Voldemort killed. All of these eventually led up to his character development, and contributed to why his life was tragic.
Snape's Qualifications
He was born of noble stature (wizard), which is the cause for the excessive pride.
His main flaw (hamartia) is that he is a double agent for both good and bad.
He is wounded in emotional, physical, and mental ways throughout his life.
Loses the woman he loves (reversal of fortune) and realizes he is a reason why
And of course, the way he dies is especially a tragic death.
Thus, his character radiates pity and tragedy.
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