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Introducing our iPad Games Hall of Fame 3-3-14

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Colby Hawkins

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Introducing our iPad Games Hall of Fame 3-3-14

Introducing our iPad Games Hall of Fame
Students who earn 95%+ on our Friday quizzes will be eligible to compete for one of three spots on our class Hall of Fame.
After every student has completed the Friday quiz,

those who earn 95% or above will be eligible to play "Wipeout" (this week's game) for the remainder of class.
The top three fastest students on the first "Wipeout" course will be recognized with a spot on our class hall of fame.
Please come up 12 at a time, sign out an iPad, and complete "Quiz 7: Dynamics, Ties, and Slurs." Once completed, please sign your iPad back in and invite another student to come take the Quiz.
Focus on beautiful singing vowels.
Sight Singing Pass Off #8 Wednesday, it's on Edmodo now

Please help spread the word to buy tickets for Cinderella

'Quiz 8: Intervals and Eighth Note Rhythms' on Friday
This week's game: "Wipeout"
What?? I don't get it.
For example: we've remade 'Quiz 7: Dynamics, Ties, and Slurs' so it's much easier! After everyone has completed the quiz I will call out those who earned 95% or above and give them iPads to use for the rest of class to compete for a spot on our class wall Hall of Fame.
I will now demo
the game of the week.
The rest of us will warm up!
15 min till the end of class:
Announce the names of students who earned 95% or above on the quiz and are eligible to compete.
Those who do not have earbuds or head phones and do not mute their iPad will be disqualified.
Leave a legacy of high scores!
35 minutes
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