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Copy of 2013 Prezi Presentation

ASU Fromula Racing Team -February-

ASU Formula Racing Team

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of 2013 Prezi Presentation

Our Vision To be An EGYPTIAN Automotive Research Entity aiming to Awaken Egyptian Automotive Industry through enhancing the quality of applied knowledge, scientific research and required applications Our Projects Egypt Outboard “Formula Student International Competition” 2012 Project Review Frame Our Car Power
Train Engine Competition Rules Manufactured parts Tests Engine Tuning Chassis Suspension Frame “more than just hanging it all up, it's just about the winning package” Body
Team Why Support Our Team ? Recruit the best engineering graduates “Networking and Recruitment”
 Access your target market and New Market “Expansion”
 Brand Building
 Promote your products/services “Advertising”
 Corporate responsibility - give something back
 Help to develop first-rate, job-ready engineers for industry
 Product testing and Feedback
 Industry Exposure & AUTOMOTIVE YOUTH INVESTMENT Our Team Requirements Fund $ Car Parts Tools & Equipment Assembling Facility TO WIN 2008 Honda CBR 600RR
4-stroke ,4 Cylinders Horizontal in-line
Capacity :599 CC
Max. Power: 108 hp (77.75 KW) @ 11250 rpm
Max. Torque: 66 N.m @ 11250 rpm muffler, internal view Noise Level Analyzer
(Device used when running noise test) Manufactured Radiator Engine ECU Mega-squirt 2 Programs Used Ready Components Stresses and material Considerations “Lower Rear Suspension arms FEA simulation" Body Design Manufacturing Process Used Materials Intake Manifold Inventor Drawing Air Restrictor Inventor Drawing Our 2012 Events •Formula Al Ahram 2012 •EED 2012 Formula Student Competition Results Bussiness plan Presentation : 9th Design Presentation:
11th Cost & sustainability Presentation: 15th Over all Result: 11th Seminars Radiator Specs Manufacutured parts Suspension Arms Type: double wishbone "A-shaped" Others Front axle Steering Box Uprights •Autodesk Inventor
•CFD “Computational Fluid Dynamics
•Ansys “Stress Simulation- FEA-”
•Rhino “3D Drawing”
•Working 2D
•MikroC Rear Spoiler CFD analysis Rhino Drawing of the Car BODY SIDES BODY NOSE AIR BOX Mold Master Making Final Product Pattern: Foam
Body: Fiber Glass Time Plan New Year Design 2012 ASU Formula Racing Car Launch Finalize Assembly September October February December Exams Vacation
decide class 1 or Class 2 January Eco-marathon & Formula student registration
Finalize Designing Phase Start Manufacturing Phase
Prepare travel requirements "Visa, tickets ..." Start assembly "If Class1 "
Start 2014 Plan "If Class 2"
Competition Preparation March Testing April May June July Final exams
Graduation thesis preparation Formula student competition at UK Designed ECU Paddle Shifting Stick Shifting Bulit-in Dashboard Dashboard Unit Space Frame Monocoque Frame Thanks Race Car manufacturing Egypt Outboard “Formula Student International Competition” Driving Knowledge and Industry into action Our Team Project
Advisors Frame Suspension Power
Train Body Dashboard Manufacturing Harness Design Engine
Selection Differential
Selection Shifting
By-Wire Control Formula Students 2011 Team Seminars: Career path1 --->Eng hesham Career Path2---->Eng Sherif Career Path3---> Eng Amr Abd El Fatah
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