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By: Devan and Daijah

No description

Maureen Bevis

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of By: Devan and Daijah

Girl Leprechaun
By: Devan and Daijah
girl,young,orange with pigtails,and green jacket and green pants
One St.Patrick's Day Daijah and Devan were at the park.They saw a beautiful rainbow so they decided to try to find the end of it.They pranced along the path until they couldn't go any futher.A bush was in their way.When Daijah looked in the bush she saw a young little leprechaun saying ''hands off my gold!'' Daijah named the girl leprechaun Brittney. Brittney was happy like a birthday girl at her birthday party.She couldn't wait to play with Daijah and Devan.

The first thing they did in the morning was play outside at the park.They were doing cheer leading squads,doing a pyramid,and doing cartwheels.The Leprechaun l-o-v-e-d it and was thrilled to do it.
In the afternoon,they played outside.After doing a cheer leading squad, they went on the bridge and saw clown fish,swordfish,and puffer fish.
At bedtime they took a bath. They saw Brittney's pot of gold and went to bed.
The next morning it was hard saying good-bye so we walked her back home. We said good-bye and left. When we looked back over there, she was gone. We hope she shows up next St.Patrick's Day.

In the evening, they went inside and had dinner. After, dinner they played video games like Tanker bell, Princess and frog, & Alvin and the chimpmunks
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