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Management Ethics


Dan Andrews

on 22 February 2016

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Transcript of Management Ethics

Social Responsibility & Profits?
According to study conducted by BIGreaerch.
Social Responsibility
Social Obligation
Social Responsiveness
Most studies found a positive relationship
Franklin College United Way
Buying a parking place!
Employees "forced" to participate
Utilitarian View
Greening of Management...
Justice View
Rights View
Standard Management View
Greatest Good for the Greatest Number
Ignores the rights of some people
Respecting Indivdual Rights
Must impose rules impartially
Stages of moral development
principled level - individual tries to define moral principles apart from the authority of society
preconventional level -
choice is based on personal consequences
Managerial Ethics
Ind Characteristics
Ego Strength
Locus of Control

Employee Selection

Code of Ethics......
All employees help develop code
Consistently bust violators
Top Managers must set tone
Job goals s/b realistic
Reviews not just about profit
Public Expectations
Violates Profit Max
Long-Run Profits
Discourages Government Intervention
Empowers Corps too much
Managers may lack skill
Business Ethics &Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility
Socioeconomic View
conventional level - moral values reside in living up to others’ expectations
May create entitlement attitude

Friedman's Classical View
Responsibility Beyond what the law requires
Obligation to meet its economic and legal responsibility
Capacity of the firm to adapt (Speed)

Social acvtivity helps produce profits? or...

Are profitable co's more able to tinker in social causes?
structural variables
internals - believe that they control their own destinies
externals - believe that what happens to them is due to luck or chance
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