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20 lab safety rules and pictures

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Arron Feiock

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of 20 lab safety rules and pictures

20 lab safety rules and pictures
1. Don't Drink any chemicals
2. no horse play
3. wear goggles
4. wear right clothing
5. don't touch any broken glass
6. don't smell any chemical
7. no food or drinks in the lab
8. don't touch anything electrical
9.don't get cut by anything sharp
10. plant safety
11. general safety awareness
12. don't touch anything hot
13. don't touch any corrosive chemical
14. always know where the fire extinguisher is
15. don't drink poison
16. animal safety
17. disposal safety
18. physical safety
19. fire safety
20.use tong to pick up hot objects
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