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No description

Jessica Snider

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Please?

Welcome to Jessica, Rocco and River
Presentation We are here to talk about... OHHH oops didn't mean to put a picture of this ADORABLE little rag doll kitten.. ANYWAYS... We are gathered to talk about.. Rag Doll Kittens.. (: YES YES We know.. You don’t want to have a house full of animals BUTT it wont be, just one kitten and and an old cat.. No harm done!
And in 3 years if you don’t want the cat Jessie will be more than happy to take the kitten to college with her!
Daddy.. We are only young once. Only one time to go through this experience.
Here are some Pros.. Rag Doll kitten aren't allergenic
They are very playful AND VERRRRY ADORABLE!!!!! We have all agreed to take a responsibility on the kitten
Also Mommy wants a kitten too! And Cons.. *More litter boxes (Jessie and Rocco have agreed to do)
*Onyx may be mean BUT we can teach and show him to be nice to the kitty. He is already pretty good with animals.
Responsibility's.. Jessica: Litter Box for the kitten
Rocco: Litter Box for Daisy May
River: Giving both cats food and water

All of us has agreed to do these chores along with our regular chores.

Now you see.. There are more Pros than cons ((:

Please don’t just say no right away and think about everything we talked about.
We all appreciate it and love you verrry much!
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