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Preparing for interview

No description

Andrew Read

on 29 March 2014

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Transcript of Preparing for interview

Preparing for interview
10 top tips
1. Re-read your application
What did you say
you were good at or were
interested in?
2. Dress more smartly than
you know the school
3. Arrive early.
Plan your route & have a Plan B.
4. Delivering a lesson?
Enthuse, engage, motivate
Draw on pupils' existing knowledge & skills (you'll need to ask the pupils what they know at the start of your lesson)
Make the activity collaborative
Focus on an area where your confidence is high...
Choose a theme which you can enthuse about
Give clear, specific, positive feedback
Get the pupils to evaluate
5. Be ready to evaluate your lesson.
Tell us about your lesson
What went well?
What might you have done differently?
Why did you do it that way?
6. The interview
Body language
Eye contact


7. Know about the school & be prepared to answer questions about meeting the strengths & needs of pupils in the school...

What in particular can you bring to our school?

8. Know about Assessment for Learning

How have you used Assessment for Learning during your teaching placements?
How do pupils in your classroom know about the progress they have made?
How did you use AfL approaches in your demonstration lesson?
Use your question as a way to demonstrate something positive about yourself... commitment, purpose, dedication, etc.
10. Have a question ready to ask the interviewer/s

Make sure it's something that has not already been answered (so have a Plan B)
clear guidance/feedback to pupils on how they can improve
success criteria (and opportunities for pupils to construct success criteria)
opportunities for pupil self-direction
self and peer assessment opportunities for pupils
AfL strategies include

effective use of questions to pinpoint what pupils (already) know
Think about how you have employed AfL strategies in your demo lesson...
9. Be prepared to talk about
How do you know that you have made an impact on pupils' progress?
Tell us about the impact you had on pupils' learning during your second teaching practice.
What did the children get from your lesson?
What experience have you of supporting pupils with the strengths/needs that you will find at our school?
Don't ask
"What support will I get?"
*including use of grammatically correct English
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