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ICT4Water Roadmap

No description

Marcin Stachura

on 19 October 2016

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Transcript of ICT4Water Roadmap

Emerging Topics and Technology Roadmap for ICT fot Water Management
Necessary updates, new directions
Technology, Social and Organisational Challenges
Efficient water use and reuse
Reducing Total Cost of Ownership for Water ICT
Data sharing and privacy management
Consumer awareness
Water-energy nexus
Cost-­benefit analysis of ICT solutions applied to water management
Data sharing, Interoperability and Standardization
Synergies across sectors (water,
energy and beyond)
Emerging topics
Big data
Data Infrastructures
Links with smart cities
Water - food - energy nexus
Lack of reliable field trials
Overcoming the absence of impracticability of running field trials
Adopting/developing water vocabularies and ontologies so that there is semantic clarity
Developing a common architecture for SMART water
Identifying/adopting/developing critical interface standards
Identifying where quality (accuracy, reliability, resilience, etc.) standards are required
Harmonising energy and water monitoring practices
Setting up a governance structure
technology changes should end in better applications for customers and citizens in order to benefit their day to day life and contribute to raise the awareness over water constraints
Working group
to identify an initial set of standards for adoption, adaption or development that will facilitate the formation of a market.
Seek advice on the options for market governance
, select an option acceptable to the market participants and implement it with the proviso that the arrangement should be selffinancing within 3-5 years
Establish a project to develop a standardised data simulation model
which can simulate the delivery and use of water at scales ranging from an individual sensor through households and industries to regions
Taking into consideration ICT4Water study, the creation of a borderless Digital Single Market for water services should be reinforced by creation of multi-stakeholders platform that should foster innovative technology for water services.

Development of
specifications for interoperability and data sharing across services and infrastructures
. The formation of a cross-cluster strategy for targeting specific standards bodies and groups. List of Ontologies (Measures, Assets Description, Interventions, Customers …) and Abstract Data Models available by all ICT Vendors, with an extension to software solutions that apply.

Creation of ecosystems of "Platforms for Connected Smart Objects", integrating the future generations of smart devices (i.e. sensors) and network technologies and other evolving ICT advances.

Initiatives on data ownership, free flow of data and on a European Cloud

Identify, assess and manage Water-Food-Energy interactions

Provide a market analysis of the water industry in terms of the current and foresight integration of ICT and eBusiness solutions and systems;
Contribution to:
Next steps
to include the results of the ongoing projects
constantly update the roadmaps, taking into consideration the current situation
Marcin Stachura
ICT4Water Roadmaps
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