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Who Needs It?

No description

Jess Bour

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Who Needs It?

Life in general should be of greater value than materialistic things.

This story takes place at a restaurant owned by a kind man. It's in a town filled with lots of people who
to have economic hardships. Nai Phan is comfortable with what he has and is very giving. People love coming to his cook shop-a drunkard man came to recite poems, young children came for sweets, and people of the school came to wash there feet! The setting feels very homely.
My Alternate Title
The majority of this story takes place in Nai Phan's restaurant. During the day he gives children candy and serves his costumers well; keeping them happy with his bright personality. He closes early to enjoy some time at home. One night however, an angered man pulls out his gun and threatens Nai Phan. but Nai Phan is very willing to give him whatever he wants, as he sees his struggles. The robber leaves with a better perspective on life and Nai Phan sells the gun for a new coffee strainer.
Author: Vilas Manivat/Thailand

Who Needs It?

Kind Man's Bandit
Important Characters
The Gunman
Nai Phan
The Important Parts
By: Jessica
Three "hard" Questions
How could have Nai Phan developed his way of life?
Why wasn't he scared when the young man pulled a gun on him?
What could the gunman mean when he says "I'm not strong" other than his disease?
Possibly from the way he was raised-envisioning how his father or mother lived as his own way of living.
(or possibly a good friend or priest even).
He has a talent for seeing true feelings in a person-whether aguished or joyful. To Nai Phan, the gunmans anger was nothing to be afraid of.
-I can't support myself, emotionally or financially
-I'd rather take the route of violence because it's quick and easy and I can't stand what could happen if I don't
An Extra...
Everyone wants,
No one wants,
but you can't have a
without a little
More Important Parts...
Just thought I'd let you know...
I love this story, and someday I will be happy like Nai Phan.
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