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Physics Homework

yip kam ki

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of 3E37

Heat Transfer process Conduction Convection Radiation Heat can transfer from one body
to another through direct contact. something conduct heat
faster called good conductor
e.g Metals. aluminum copper iron something conduct heat
slower called good insulator
e.g Non-metals,Fluids. Glass Wood Rubber Metal conduct heat much faster
because they have a high density
of particles Convection is the transfer of heat from a warmer region to a cooler one by moving warm fluid from the heated area to the unheated area. Convection takes place in a liquid because
the liquid expands and becomes less dense
than the surrounding when it heated. Clouds are formed by convection Heat can transfer from one body to another through without direct contact by giving out and receiving radiation. Light-coloured clothes(e.g.shiny,silvery) is a poor absorber of radiation and less energy from the sun would be absorbed.So people in hot place wear Light-coloured clothes. Dark-coloured clothes(e.g.dull black) is a good absorber of radiation and more energy from the sun would be absorbed.So people in hot place wear Dark-coloured clothes. Dark colour Light colour So we would not get hurt when
we were holding a cooking pot
while we were cooking Radiation is a heat transfer
to infra-red radiation. All bodies emit infra-red radiation.A hot body will emit much more infra-red radiation thana cool one. Radiation does not require any matter (Solid,liquid or gases)to transfer energy.
It is the only heat transfer mechanism
that can operate in the vacuum in space The liquid of the bottom of the
cooking pot will get hotter first. The air at the top of the room will always be warmer than the air next to the floor.
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