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Card Collecting

How I started collecting baseball cards.

Will Ferrall

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Card Collecting

My card collecting started with my dad, who was also
a collector. He bought me a set of Topps baseball in 1989, and got me more sets each year until I was old enough to appreciate (and not chew on) individual packs. Around age 7 or so, I stopped collecting, aside from a brief
(and overall regrettable) foray into Pokemon. This collecting lull lasted for quite a while, until I was 23, and on a routine shopping trip with my younger brother. As we were walking through an aisle, my brother grabbed a pack of 2011 Topps and, as all younger brothers do, asked if he could have it.

When we arrived home, my brother and I opened the pack, and I realized I was having as much fun as he was. Although I hadn't even thought about cards in years, I was hooked, and so was my brother. And we've been collecting together ever since.
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