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Unit Plan: Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

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Jeniffer McCauley

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Unit Plan: Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

Unit Plan:
Twelfth Night
by William Shakespeare
10th Grade
English Language Arts

Shakespeare contributed so much to history, language, and literature. Students need to understand the importance of this and the historical context and ramifications of Shakespeare's plays; especially
Twelfth Night
Students will complete a series of readings and various activities to encourage further interpretation of the text. They will learn and understand the importance of verbal and nonverbal communication. Emphasis will be placed on characterization.
Gain further knowledge of the Renaissance period
Learn what parts of our language came from Shakespeare
Appreciate Shakespeare's play
Twelfth Night
Utilize the spoken, unspoken, and written word
As students explore this unit, they will...
Incorporate Shakespearean phrases in everyday life
Create verbal and nonverbal interpretations of the play
Write creative poetry
Use textual evidence and research materials to write an essay
The students will learn how to...
Smart Phones
Video Cameras
The text,
Twelfth Night
Power Point Notes
Shakespeare Words
Students select one character and create an iMovie with images to describe their character
The 'soundtrack' will be the student reciting one speech from that character
Students will write...
One summary over the first three acts
One summary over the last two acts
Students will identify all of the songs in the play
They will then replace them with modern day songs, matching tone and mood
Name That Tone
Students will select a character to write about
They will then create an original sonnet matching Shakespeare's sonnet form
Character Sonnet
Students will be given a name tag with a character name
They will then need to form alliances to avoid elimination
Survivor: Illyria
Students will work in groups to create a silent movie for one scene
They will need to assign duties: director, script writer, set designer, actors, etc.
They can use any recording device they choose to film their movie
They will use iMovie to edit their movie
Silent Movie
Students will be given a choice of prompt to write a 5-6 page paper
They will use the text and two outside sources
Two in-class Writing Workshops
Final Paper
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