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GS 197: Vice Ganda and Popular Culture

No description

JC de Leon

on 12 July 2011

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Transcript of GS 197: Vice Ganda and Popular Culture

GS 197: Vice Ganda and Popular Culture Jose Marie Borja-Viceral More popularly known as "Vice Ganda" a stand-up comedian, actor and talk show host a self-proclaimed gay first Filipino celebrity to reach 1,000,000 fans in Facebook studied Political Science in FEU youngest of 5 siblings Bakit keri si Vice Ganda? Sino ang bet ng badet? Ang katawang LUPA ni Mars Paano magiging Waley si Vice? Flamboyant gay prefers men or the more masculine gays identity as mutually-constructed subscribes to the notion of flamboyant gays - template of society initially considered a form of deviant behavior - flamboyant gay in a patriarchal society deviant since co-opts snippets of every gender and makes it part of his identity social identity - gay as flamboyant
behavior as expected by greater society WHAT SHOULD BE? being effeminate not to be taken seriously expected to "make fun" of himself play a subordinate role be promiscuous SPACES OF FLAMBOYANT GAYS comedy bars
showbiz news meets societal expectations of him makes fun of his "ugliness" usual "success story" of rags to riches be the "palengkera" type showing of "untoward" behavior take a serious role i.e. action star, leading actress in a serious romantic movie with Piolo as leading actor. incongruence with societal expectations and demands It all boils down to this... An icon can only become an icon if fits the taste of its consumers, mass society.
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