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Producing Music

No description

Allison Lewis

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of Producing Music



- A Bachelors degree in recording arts technology and a buissness major
-An internship
- Put this first you need to be completely dedicated to this or you will get no where.
My Questions
-What degrees do you need to pursue music producing?
-What is the number one objective a person should have to pursue music?
-What are good universities to look in to?
-What music genre you choose, does affect your career path?
I want to learn what it to takes to be a music producer.
All in All
-I learned a career in music is completely controlled by the one with the career. you choose you career path.
My Goal
What degrees do you need to pursue music producing?
What is the number one objective a person should have to pursue music?
What are good universities to look into?
-Berklee College Of Music
-But there are other options like recording connections
Does the music genre you pursue decide affect your career path?
-Each genre has a different path
it takes so yes it does.
A Music Producers story
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