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Forever 21 - SWOT alaysis

No description

Sora Yoon

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Forever 21 - SWOT alaysis

Agenda 1. Intro
2. SWOT analysis
3. Conclusion Sarah Yoon, Serah Kim, Daphy 1. Intro Strengths Location -Robson st, Vancouver Various Style Line Lower Price Clothes : CAD 15~45
Shoes : CAD 10~42
Jewelry : CAD 1.50~19
Bag : CAD 15~42
Hats : CAD 10~19
Beauty : CAD 2~19
Eyewear : CAD 6~8 High-Turnover Rate Weaknesses Many competitors Opportunities Threats Conclusion Proposal Summary Brand name
Customer Loyalty Many Tourists Short periods of
4-6weeks or less -Fast Fashion Brand
-Opened 1984
in Pasadena, California
(Fashion 21)
: Fashion-Conscious
Young Generation Not Straightened up well Fast Fashion Brand Seasonal Promotion Qualities Not all
Products' Qualities
are Good! Focus on
Fashion Trend Wow! Vancouver
Robson street! -Strengths
: Robson st, Style Line,
Lower Price, Turnover Rate
: Qualities, Not straightened up
: Many Tourists, Fashion Trend,
Seasonal Promotion
: Many Competitors 1. New design for New customers

2. Try to straighten up the display
stand for customers

3. Customer Service Improvement Under-wear Jean & Casual Line Tropical Line Vivid Color Line Lovely Style Line Sports Wear Line
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