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erika steinger

on 12 September 2017

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Transcript of 9/12

Choosing a Book
Ask a friend
Choose a genre
Follow an author
Read the back
Try the first few pages
Use the book selection strategies that we discussed to familiarize yourself with the classroom library

In your own words, what is your book about?
Would you read this book or suggest it to someone else? Why or why not?
Do Now
Lesson IQ: What practices should I utilize to be an effective reader and writer?

Prompt: What types of books do you like and why? If not books, what movies/shows do you like and why?
Tuesday, September 12th
Free Writing
Use the duration of the period to free write about one of the following prompts in your writer's journal.
Choosing a Book
stop and jot
Accountable Talk
One mic
Actually listen to the speaker- don't just wait for your turn to talk
Continue the conversation and address what has already been said
Use accountable talk stems (agree/disagree because...)
Be respectful and understanding of other people's opinions
What are some methods or strategies that you could use to choose a book to read?
Classroom Library
How has the tragedy of 9/11 impacted the concept of the American Dream?
How are you affected by the severe weather occurring around the world in the last week? What might be some long term consequences?
How do you feel about the recent events in Charlottesville?
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