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Human Capacity To Heal


Suzy Pinos

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Human Capacity To Heal

Living Life Is A Dance Dancing
To Heal Not only involves physical movements. Healing through dance can involve watching dance. Memorial
For Healing The Table of Silence Project
Uptown to downtown, dancers and choreographers honored those who died on 9/11 with the movement of their bodies. The dancers, all dressed in flowing white costumes, moved in geometric patterns surrounding the fountain, using intermittent gestures of pain and prayer, until they finally found themselves seated with arms raised Adaptive
For Healing Adaptive dance is the term for a dance/creative movement program that has been tailored for individuals with differing abilities, focusing on creating an open environment in which all abilities can participate. Students learn to express themselves through natural movement, developing their own voices through dance. Professional instruction provides increased self-awareness and self-esteem to all who participate in the program. Ritual Dance
For Healing Ritual dance has its roots in core shamanism & often incorporates the 4 directions, (North, South, East & West) or the elements (Earth, Water, Air & Fire). Dance as ritual is also used to honor the seasonal equinoxes. As well, it is used as dancing prayer, moving meditation and as a tool for divining the future. Healing Dances
Around The World EUROPE PanEurhythmy Dance is a mediation that involves activating balance & spiritual awareness. 28 different movements are used. Usually danced outside in a counter clockwise direction. Creates strong bonds amongst participants and heals through joy and energy. Asia Odissi Folk Dance: One of the 8 forms of Indian classical dance. Odissi is the oldest form Chinese Dragon Dance: The dance signifies the end of the year & welcoming a new start, driving away evil spirits, bringing good luck and fortune to the people. Africa South America Bolivian Dance Capoiera Brazilian form of martial arts that involve dance. Islam The Whirling Dervish Dance: The turning of the Dervish is used to reach quiet, a state of prayer, of offering the self to God. They don't turn for themselves. They turn as a conduit, so the Light of God can descend upon the earth. They turn clockwise with the right hand turned upward, to receive the Light of God, & with the left hand turned downward to bring the light into the world. They don't turn to purposely reach a trance state, although sometimes they do reach an ecstatic state where they know and experience God. North America The ghost dance is a ceremony for the regeneration of the earth & subsequently the restoration of the earth's caretakers to their former life of bliss. Zumba: a fitness program that involves dance & a fun way to work out and heal. DANCE AS SELF HEALING Healing Presence The Forgotten Genius Nurture-Mother & Child Mother Louise Nursing 1899 Helping Hand Chinese Massage Connection to a Different Time Tui Na Massage Poor and Misfortunate Comfort Healing Gift
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