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on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Kentucky

Frankfort capital building
Political map of Kentucky
The red mile horse racing track in Lexington
Etty Kentucky
choice location
Fun Facts
Cumberland Falls
By: Willa and Emma
Horse racing has brought millions of dollars to Kentucky and red mile is one of those horse racing tracks
Red mile horses are raised on
blue grass plains
Kentuckians breed race horses
(where the civil war was)
During the war Lincon said, "I hope to have God on my side, but I must have Kentucky."

Luckily, the north side (our side) won!
This war was in 1863
Kentucky has rivers,forests,a moon bow, and is mostly low lands
Kentucky is 40,411 square miles
they have caves
Cumberland falls is a popular landmark
in Corbin, Kentucky
in 1863 Martha Layne Collins gets elected as first female governor
in 1792, Kentucky
becomes the 15th
Kentucky makes cars, chemicals,
clothing,and electronics
kentuckians are coal miners
the population of Kentucky is 4,380,415
governor is Steve Beshear (democrat)
2 U.S senators: Rand Paul (republican)
Mitch McConnell (republican)
There are 120 counties in Kentucky
The capital is Frankfort
The state tree is the tulip tree

Cheese burgers were first served in Kentucky

The first miss America from Kentucky is Heather French

Abraham Lincon was born in Kentucky

More than 100 native Kentuckians have been elected governors of other sates

The song happy birthday was created in Kentucky

The radio was invented by a Kentuckian

Mammoth cave is the worlds longest cave

Fort Knox's underground vaults hold more gold than any other

post it notes are manufactured in a city in kentucky
the river inside the lost river cave is the
Mississippi river

along the way, you will see a small lake that Ripleys believe it or not says is the shortest, deepest in the world

the boat tour is 25 minutes

somebody was said to of been one of the visitors
here hiding out after robbing the bank near bye.
Annual wind speed of Kentucky
Wildlife map of Kentucky
Rainfall map of Kentucky
Starts in Bowling Green KT ends at Nashville TN
Road trip distance
Lexington to Etty: 140 miles
Etty to Corbin: 100 miles
Corbin to Frankfort: 100 miles
Frankfort to Bowling Green: 140 miles
Bowling Green to WCE: 3,200 miles

Total Distance:3,680
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