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Journey through On-boarding

No description

Jessica Wade

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Journey through On-boarding

BSD: Training & Development Team Journey through On-Boarding Congratulations New Hire
Welcome to Cabela's!! Hiring manager makes Debbie Lewis aware of new hire
New hire and hiring manager receives
Welcome email with the On-boarding course list
Link to the on-boarding guide If the courses are web-based, the new hire will register and complete the course on Cabela's University The coach and the hiring manager will support the new hire through their day-to-day routine Hiring manager will work with the new employee to determine which courses (web-based or instructor-led) he or she will need to take The NEW Outfitters Guide to Success Web-Ex course provides information about
The On-boarding program
Available resources and tools
Information about Cabela's University
The On-boarding Guide
Tips for On-the-job training Train the Trainer
Facilitation Skills and Techniques
Trainer Recognition
Manager Recognition
Consulting on courses Debbie collaborates with the business trainers about the new student and his or her course schedule Equipping & Supporting Our Business Trainers What does it take to keep this program running? During this time, the hiring manager assigns coaches to the new hire System courses Class coordination and scheduling
Communication with trainers
Calender Maintenance
Course Maintenance
Computer Maintenance What happens after the new hire attends their on-boarding courses?? The new hire is now equipped with the resources and basic skill set necessary to perform their job duties.

With continued learning, practice, and support, they will be on on their way to job proficiency! Manager Tools and Support Communication to prepare for New hire
Hiring Manager Resource Center
Post-training feedback and planning What types of courses are offered through our on-boarding program? On-the-job training Outfitter’s Guide to Success

Facilitated by: Debbie Lewis Outfitter’s Guide to Success 2013 Welcome
to Communication of New Hire's selected courses Hiring Manager Debbie New Hire New Hire's Tools and Support On-boarding Guide and CabNet Web-Ex Class: Guide to Success Assigned Coach On-the-job Training Cabela's University Evaluation Process Evant
Assortment planning tool (APT)
..and MORE!! Supplementary courses Vendor Report Card
Retail Signage
Price Optimization Tool
..and MORE!! learning knowledge and skills when it matters
retention of training BSD Training & Development On-Boarding Program Manager Tools & Support New Hire Tools & Support On-Boarding Trainers Prep & Support Courses Offered Communication Hiring managers should communicate their new hire to Debbie Hiring managers should use the On-boarding guide as a resource for their new hire and coach Opportunities for Improvement Today's Agenda
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