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michel shishkabob

on 28 February 2017

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Transcript of Cancer

Cancer Starts
Cancer begins when the cells are altered or mutated. It takes a couple mutations before a cell is cancerous. They have different ways of defending themselves from the cancer cells. They will kill them off, but if the right mutations happens then the cell will start to grow out of control.
Types of Cancer
There are 200 different types of cancers. Usually cancers are named after the body where they first started. There is Breast cancer, Colon cancer, Leukemia which is in the blood, Lymphoma which is in your white blood cells, and much more.
A soar that does not heal
a mole or a soar that has a change in size, shape, color or thickness
If its hard to swallow
A change in bowel movements
Unusual breathing
A lump growth
If you always have a scratchy throat and coughing
What is
We knew all the words and understood everything. There are no vocabulary words.
By: Abby H and Ranit S
Cancer is any uncontrolled disease. Abnormal cells starts dividing uncontrollably and create tumors. These cancer cells slowly kill good cells and tissues and this makes the person sick. About 40% of people are diagnosed with cancer in their lives.
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