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Transition from dependence and independence

No description

Emma Dunphy

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Transition from dependence and independence

Transition from dependence and independence
Changing to high school
After kids have made their best friends in their primary school years, changing to high school can sometimes be harder for them because their best friends may be attending different high schools. When it comes time to start making new friends in high school, if they are lucky enough to have primary school friends attend their high school, they try to catch onto those kids they never spoke to in primary, in fear of trying to make NEW friends.

Busy bees in high school
In high school things are run a little different from primary school, you have around 12 different teachers instead of one,you have different kids in your class all the time. You are always running around the school from class to class so you never have much time to catch up with your friends during lessons.
High school friends
Eventually all your friends that you have started hanging out with from your primary school will start hanging with other kids from other primary schools. You will also move on from your old friends and start meeting new kids once you have become a little more confident when it comes to meeting new people. It's all just a part of growing up and moving on in life.
When your in primary school or younger, you are more dependent on your friends for company and you don't seem to spend much time with anyone else. As the years progress on you become more independent and aren't afraid of making new friends or even just spending time by yourself. It is better to be independent than dependent.
Primary school friends
When your in primary school most of the time all the students that go to your school hang in groups. These groups may include the science,chess,sport,drama,popular etc.

If your friends hang in any of these groups they may become attached to those kids and will be end up depending on those specific kids all the time when they need company. They don't even bother to make NEW friends because they feel that they are the only friends they need.
As you get older your studies become harder and you really start to become more independent with your studies and assignments. As you get older you go from catching dependent to independent.

You don't need to depend so much on your friends for company as much as you did in early high school years. You are not afraid to meet new friends and sometimes just spend time with nobody but yourself.
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