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Yrityksen tietojärjestelmät

Yrityksen tietojärjestelmät

P. Virtanen

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Yrityksen tietojärjestelmät

Business enterprise and computer systems
BE Limited produces Dodat's, Gadgets, and Gizmos. In order to be able to manufacture them, BE needs to purchase components and raw materials. BE Ltd has staff of 142 employees in its various functional departments. The obvious goal is to sell as much as possible according to the chosen strategy.
By definition, a limited corporation exists to make profit for its owner's. What else does it do? What does it really do?
- Is not an emloyee but an organ and an institution
- Has its responsibilities, and job security, defined in the contract
- Manages and leads the company management according to the guidelines and orders given by the board of directors
- Must see to that the financial bookkeeping and the asset management are been taken care of according to the laws and reliably (in Finland OYL)
- Generally oversees the human resources management, billing (payments receivable and payable), contract management, and financial performance

Chamber of Commerce, Helsinki Area, corporate law http://www.helsinki.chamber.fi/index.phtml?1343_m=1572&s=211, obtained 20.08.2013
BE Limited's operation is divided into smaller segments or parts of the whole:
1) Management
2) Financial management
3) Human resources management
4) Production (includes sourcing and acquisition, warehousing, production planning,...)
5) Shipping
6) Marketing
7) Sales
8) Customer service
9) Maintenance
- Pays salaries
- Recrutes employees
- Gets people's commitment
- "Uses" health services of a community
- Receives income
- Receives subsidies from the state and/or from the municipality
- Pays taxes
- Uses energy
- Uses water
- Produces waste water and municipal solid waste (MSW), maybe even toxic waste
- Buys services and commodities
- Communicates
- Produces and/or sells something
- Supports its community
- Causes labour mobility, even occupational mobility
- Creates security
- Bears social responsibility
BE limited's CEO regards BE and herself as a pioneer and as a trailblazer in their market segment
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