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Doggie Boutique

Project Wise

Rebeccah Brown

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Doggie Boutique

Doggie Boutique

Future Plans
If business is succesful in 5yrs we will expand
We will add a hotel & Spa, along with a pet cemetery
The pet cemetery will include a crematorium
Some of the services that we would provide are:
Physical therapy
Exercise pool
Pet boarding (rooms, not crates)
Nail Painting
Pet massages Pets Gone Crazy Boutique's
1st Annual Fashion Show Executive Summary This is an introduction to
our Maternity line: Company Summary
Retail Dog clothing outlet
Provide latest stlyes
Don't wish to only target dog lovers,but all of WNY Market Analysis Summary
Primary target; Pet Lovers
Secondary Target; Sick and aging pets
Last target pepople looking for a kennel Strategy and Implementation Summary
Value Proposition
Competitive Edge
Marketing Strategy Management Summary
Owners/Founders; Kathleen and Rebeccah Brown
Employee relationship utmost importance
High priority to expand on each other's strengths Financial
Booming business in bad economy
Leasing is cheaper than Buying commercial property Conclusion
Lease v. Buy
Challenging to start business here in Springville
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