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Case 3 - MGT101 Group 3

History at Camp Hill Boys

Krish Liberato

on 13 September 2011

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Transcript of Case 3 - MGT101 Group 3

A Case Study Commerce Let us know the... official academic organization July 15, 1976 Darlene Dimaano Objectives: 1.To serve as the official organization of Communication Arts students
2.To provide practical training experience in writing, speech communication, and theater arts through seminars and workshops;
3.To encourage appreciation of the arts and the humanities through participation in socio-cultural activities;
4.To promote academic excellence; and
5.To maximize participation in other fields. 90% A*-A @ GCSE 80% A*-B @ A Level Internally, the organization also holds workshops and other training opportunities to develop members who are excellent in both their academics and their extra-curricular activities. POINT OF VIEW St. Francis College of presented by: MGT 101 Group 3 Escosia, Leane
Fruto, Erik
Igcasan, Lara
Jimenez, Jen
Lagasca, Mel
Liberato, Krisha
Macabulos, Faith
The College of Commerce recently promoted Mr. Santos as the Dean. One of the propositions is to reorganize the existing college departments. Unfortunately the faculty was not pleased with his proposition, leaving the decision to be made by the rector. Thus, the group has decided to take the rector’s point of view. It is now up to us to decide whether to recommend the Dean’s plan to the Board of Trustees. Analysis of the Present Case St. Francis is a medium-sized private university located in major port in Visayas. The university is well known for its engineering and science degree courses. Currently it has 26,000 students both graduate and undergraduate levels However, 3,000 students are only enrolled in the College of Commerce, the university major unit, compared to the College of Engineering, having more than a third of the 26,000 students. The College of has 55 faculty and 100 lecturers Each faculty teaches at most 5 courses, while each lecturer teaches at most 3 courses. The college is headed by a Dean and a Vice Dean. Reporting directly to the Dean are the department heads of Accounting, Law, Production, Marketing, Finance, and Economics. These department heads are senior faculty members who are academically/professionally prepared in their respective departments. The department heads’ responsibilities are to recruit, provide guidance and training to new employee, assign faculty to different courses to each for the semester, and recommend faculty to promotion. In return the department heads receive benefits, such as special allowance ranging from 800 to 1,200and a full load of 4 courses compared to 5 courses of a regular faculty Recently the college Dean retired, promoting Mr. Santos. One of the changes he proposed is the Departmental Reorganization, which would reduce the existing number of departments from 6 to 3. The proposal hopes to address the increasing cost of running the college and the difficulty of raising tuition fees. One advantage cited by Mr. Santos is that faculty will be able to cross fertilize each other. Unfortunately, the department heads and most regular faculty are against such proposition. Reasons are loss of academic identity, increase size of each department, and render the interaction among the faculty and administrative head more impersonal.

Problem Statement As the rector of the university, what decision will I recommend to the St. Francis University Board of Trustees to increase the number of enrollees and decrease the amount of expenses in the College of Commerce? Implementation Plan To increase the number of enrollees and decrease the amount of expenses in the College of Commerce the University must follow these: 1. Appoint the senior faculty members to conduct a study that will observe similarities among department curricula. For 12 months the senior faculty will try to identify similar courses in each department. Those having the most similarities will be merged. 2. Conduct Seminar and Training To introduce the faculty with their new department, the college is to conduct seminars and trainings. This enables cross fertilization to one another and introduction to new colleagues. 3. Present criteria for new department head Since departments are to merge three department head who will remain as the heads. In order to choose the most eligible department head, criteria are to be set by the Board of Trustees. 4. Information Inform current students of the new college organizational chart. Promote to incoming freshmen the new department organizational chart and its effects to the curriculum offered by the college CONTINGENCY PLAN If the plan fails, the next best solution is to evaluate and improve the curriculum Update courses, offer new courses, offer electives, etc. The alternative aims to only address the problem of increasing the number of enrollees. The department head and other faculty will also be please since the identity of each department will be preserved. Thank You For Listening!
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